McDonnell F3H-2 Demons (1956-63)

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McDonnell F3H Demon
Picture courtesy of the Tom Catter's VF-31 Web site

This aircraft was appropriately termed, "The Demon". Perhaps it was her wicked look? I believe that is part of it; but maybe too, it had something to do with how affective it was.. a  predecessor of the F4 Phantom II, it proved its worthiness as an able Fighter from 1956 through 1963. I do believe there were a few of these planes still active and on Hancock up to the beginning of our heated involvement in the Vietnam war. I could be wrong, and am sure I'll be corrected if I am.

The F4 Phantom, I am told was too heavy and too fast for Hancock's arresting gear to handle safely.

The F3, looking wicked and scary, it was no wonder to me that  it was called the Demon! Having an above average noise level and thrust, she placed herself in my memory forever. I can still smell the burned jet exhaust gas from this plane and still hear the roar!

The McDonnell F3H Demon

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Picture courtesy of
in Tucson, Arizona

Onboard Squadron of CAG-21 featuring this Aircraft was

"The Black Lions"


Quarter Deck