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The 'Spad'

Dennis Spang stands for a Photo Op, leaning on the Wing Tank of an A1D 'Spad'

Dennis Spang and the A1
Pictured is Dennis Spang, leaning on the Wing Tank of a Spad which was
Spotted on the Aft 'ramp' of the Flight Deck on the Hancock.  
Dennis'  Story in the Oral Histories Page on this site.

A1D Spad in South China Sea 1965-66

A4D Skyhawk at launch - USS Hancock

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The A-1 Skyraider Association

A-1 Skyraider Combat Journal

Watching a Spad take off during flight quarters
Some photos of an A1 taken by Jake

Onboard Squadron of CAG-21 featuring this Aircraft was



Quarter Deck