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If you find photos here that are yours or know of their source, then please let me know who they belong to (name) and accept my humble gratitude for their use here on this site.  I wish to give credit to any and all contributors but I have since lost their names, so please, sound off and let me know who you are. Most of these pictures were 'grabbed' off the InterNet. I hope their owners won't mind me using their great pictures.  Also please advise me if the quality is not good.  I need to find out a better way to save these images so they display better.  If anyone has the secret formula, let me know!  :o)

If you know the whereabouts of any of these Squadrons, or if you know of an Association for CAG-21 or any Squadron mentioned here, please forward their URLs, and/or Mailing addresses to me using the Email Button here...


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