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The F6F Hellcat had the highest Kill/Loss ratio of any American fighter plane in Army, Navy, Marine or Air Force service during WWII. It was designed specifically to stop the Japanese Zero Gilberts Operation, November 1943.

A Grumman F6F-3 "Hellcat" fighter makes condensation rings as it awaits the take-off flag aboard USS Yorktown (CV-10), 20 November 1943. The plane is from Fighting Squadron Five (VF-5). Yorktown was then hitting targets in the Marshall Islands to cover the landings in the Gilberts. Official U.S. Navy Photograph

Shipmates, this picture depicts Flight Quarters and Air Operations on Hancock in WWII. The above is a Launch Sequence of Grumman F6F Hellcats from VB-6 of Air Group 6. Photo actually was taken on the Yorktown, the 'Fighting Lady', Hannah's sister ship, during flight ops, November, 1943.*

I'd like to welcome you to our Aircraft Galleries. These galleries are divided into 3 sections.. WWII, Korean War years /aka/ 'Middle Years' and the Vietnam War Era. Please note that I have underlined the Vietnam War Era, because this is the time I do remember oh too well, and therefore I have a Special Page for this Gallery, since I believe that not enough has been said about this time in history for those veterans who sacrificed their time and often, their lives during this unpopular war.

It is my effort to bring to mind the importance of this period in history, since our Era was the one successful in bringing an end to the cold war and although it took the building of a Wall in Washington, DC, to bring down the Berlin Wall, the war, for us was not a wasted effort, no matter what the history books might say about it, nor was the sacrifices made by these veterans in vain. Too much negativity has been spread abroad about our 'wasted efforts' in that war. Yet the fact remains, although we don't live in any safer world than we did during the Communist regimes in the Eastern Block nations, we are at least able to export our democracy and it's benefits to the free world today, because a million and so many young men and women did not run to Canada, Europe or Russia to avoid the draft.

I am proud of Hannah's contribution to the war effort during this dark time in history, and I am very proud to have been a part of it. Hancock was on line the entire period of over 10 years, and she did her part; often more than her part, and so we have to remember these efforts by our shipmates, and stand in awe of their courage, tenacity and willingness to get the job done.. again, our motto, "Can do.. do it now!" and "When the going gets tough, the tough (Hancock) get going."

ALLERT!! Shipmates, I have a special request to those who served during any of Hannah's lifetime from 1943 through to the end of the Vietnam conflict: If you have any good quality pictures to contribute to our galleries, I and the rest of us would be grateful to you forever!

We especially are in need of good quality WWII Aircraft pictures, and if they were taken on Hannah, all the merrier! Please help this site and these galleries to become one of the best and most thorough found on Naval History on the InterNet. Such is not only my goal, but is all of ours - for without 'all of us', this site and those like it, would not account for much. It is a team effort always.. as was our Efforts while we served proudly on our 'Lady- the "Happy Hannah" -Thanks again, Shipmates - and to all of you, I say a hearty "Haze Gray and underway!!!"

If you never heard it before, I will say it now, Thank you for being a part of this Great Effort, Shipmates! I say, "Hoo-yah" to you!

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* Contributor of the photo is unknown, but we thank him for taking such a brilliant picture of a Hellcat launch, and allowing us to use it. If the photographer visits here, please E-Mail as I'd like to have more great photos of WWII era aircraft.

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