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The Deck Log Files are installed using either a Self-Extractable Archive or installed manually, using a WinZip® Archive. If you are not savvy to these terms, then we suggest you take the Self-Extractable Archive, for all you need do is click on it, once you have downloaded it.

Make sure you make a mental note what Folder you download it to. Go to that folder using "Windows Explorer". This program is found in the Assessories Folder from off the Start Menu: Click on "Programs", then look for the 'Assessories' Menu.

* The File you will be looking for is named WWII_Deck Log.exe. This archive has been virus checked for your Security.

The Self-Extractable establishes a folder for all the text (.TXT) and Rich Text (.RTF) files called C:\DECKLOG, so you can read them using your Word Processing program. Text files usually are opened by default, using Windows Note Pad or if too large, they will be opened using Windows Word Pad by default.

Document (.DOC and .RTF) files are usually opened using Microsoft Word or Office, but the Yeoman is quite sure that Word Perfect will also open this format. If you are not sure what program you have, just click your mouse on the file and allow the default program to open them (Word Pad will open a DOC or .RTF file). Your Operating System knows how to read most files, and takes this responsibility away from your concern.

Once the individual files are open, you can then print the contents of each file, or do whatever you wish to do with them short of selling them (that's a no-no -Please read the Disclaimer in the archive for the Rules). You can also read Archive Info by clicking here.

The Archive contains Pages 1 - 75 of the Hancock Deck Log, plus other important and interesting documents which we included in the archive. We are trying to locate the Post WWII Deck Log, and when we have been successful, we will strive to include them in this Huge Historical Archive. That is what we do here on this website - Preserve True and Correct History!

To get this Program, please click on the OPSLOG.EXE link and save it to your computer...

WWII_Deck Log.exe
The Download Program will ask you where you if you wish to open it or save it.. choose Save and
then choose a temporary folder on your computer, and then click on the Ops_log.exe once you have
downloaded it. Have no fear that this executable contains a virus. It is guaranteed Virus Free, therefore
allow your computer to receive it.


Downloadable Archive
File Size: 389k
Download Time: Approximately 6.5 Minutes @ 900 mhz

Bookmark this page because I will be updating the archive from time to time, to include new pages!

This updated Archive Dated 1-6-2005 (original Archive dated 4-19-02)

This program will set up a library for you of the current files, where you can access them any time you wish.


We also provide this Archive in the WinZip® format, if you have WinZip® on your computer, this Archive is slightly smaller than the Self-Extractable Archive (above), and can be downloaded by clicking on the Link:


Downloadable Archive
File Size: 358k
Download Time: Approximately 6 Minutes @ 900 mhz

Bookmark this page because I will be updating the archive from time to time, to include new pages!

This Archive Dated 1-23-05


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  • If you would like to download a copy of WinZip® for trial (this trial program only 'teases' you to register, and is useable indefinitely. For your copy of the 32 bit program (Windows 95 and greater), you can download it from here.

  • If you have an earlier PC system, using 16 Bit (486 or non-pentium) you can get that version of WinZip® here.

The WinZip® Utility is a wonderful way of sending multiple files over the Internet via File Attachments. If someone sends you a WinZip® Archive, you simply open your copy of WinZip and open up/extract the files in the Archive to your computer.

WinZip® is the Cutting Edge of File Archiving in the PC World!

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Archive Info:

This Achive is the result of over 2 years of hard work assembling and retyping from old, often hard-to-read mimeographed pages, done by Jake Jaccard, Web Yeoman of the U.S.S. Hancock CV/CVA-19 Memorial located at:

The Record is provided to you without any claim to their authenticity and/or ownership. Naval Ship Logs are now available from the National Archives and are in the Public Domain, or are owned by the U.S. Naval Records Center, Washington, DC. They are provided here, on a donation basis; proceeds go to support this Website.

Please help us keep this Website going through your generous donations. This Archive is in the guardianship of Jake's 'Yankee Station' - USS Hancock CV/CVA-19 and is provided to you on a donations basis, but ownership is retained by the United States Naval Records Center.

No unauthorized reproductions of this Record is permitted without express written permission. To obtain such permission, please request it in writing from the Yeoman at [email protected].


Ken "Jake" Jaccard
Web Yeoman,
USS Hancock CV/CVA-19 Memorial