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Shipmates, on 26 June 2001, your Yeoman received a letter from a former shipmate, who wishes to remain anonymous, whom we'll refer to as 'Dan', informing me that my reporting of the Hannah Awards was somewhat 'sketchy'. That didn't surprise me, for much of what I had put there came from dubious sources, which I entered as probably factual. Truthfully, however, I was reporting 'scuttlebutt' and this really is not the correct or appropriate way to place information on a website and your Yeoman apologizes.

I thought what I was presenting was as near to factual as I could ascertain since the sources I speak of were either from Log-19 '63 Cruise Book, or from the Hancock History Book or just 'scuttlebutt' in general. Some other shipmates gave me input regarding the Awards, but really it behooves me to report this data correctly or not at all. I had therefore decided to seek truthful information on the subject of the Hannah Awards.

Then, out of the Sky, like some kind of blessing from above, came the C.O.D. arriving on Deck with mail on the Hannah Awards...

During the Cold War the Hanna was involved in Quemoy-Matsu incidents.

Anyone who served aboard during the '58 or '59 cruises are eligible for the AFEM (Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal). If you were aboard for both cruises you are entitled to the AFEM with one bronze star.

All that is required is for the service member to contact the Naval Personnel Records Center in writing. The mailing address is:

Navy Personnel Command,
Retired Records Section PERS-313E,
9700 Page Avenue, St. Louis, MO 63132-5100.

"If someone doesn't have an award issued on their discharge papers or DD 214 from 1951 to present, they can download a DOD Form DD 149 from the VA website and get a correction of Military records form and it tells on that form where to send it also. Also if someone doesn't have their medals they can download a standard Form 180 and a copy of their discharge papers and get their medals shipped to them from St. Louis."

Our Shipmate's letter had great information regarding Hannah Awards and information on Ribbons and Medals for Hancock Shipmates.

His letter of 26 June 2001 really was timely, as the subject matter coincided eerily with my own recent thoughts and concern for reporting the Awards correctly and thanks to Dan, we now have bona fide information on the subject. Dan's letter follows...

26 June 2001

Dear Jake,

I got your address from the USS HANCOCK website as a contact point. I am a former HANCOCK crew member and have information, which may be of interest to you and others . I noticed in the Awards section of the website that information was pretty sketchy. I have a listing of all HANCOCK awards and periods for which they were earned from its launching in 1944 through 1969. This includes all unit citations, service medals, and foreign awards. I also have copies of
NUC* and MUC* citations earned for the 1970-1971 and 1972 cruises. Another interesting item is a news release chronicling every line period of the 1972 cruise. I will be happy to forward copies of these documents to you for inclusion in the website. Please advise.


Eureka, CA 95503-7704


It is this information that is the foundation for the Hannah Awards and Information Center.

Of course, being excited about this new information regarding the Hannah Awards, I decided to put up Page to display what Dan so willingly desired to share with us all. The 'Hannah Awards Center' is therefore dedicated to those who served in our Ship, the USS Hancock, respecting Dan's wishes, that any honor should be shared with the entire Crew, and so it is.

It makes me happy when someone wishes to contribute to this site. This information comes from several Cruise Books from 1969 through 1972; several SecNav Citations and the pages from out of the Coast Guard Medals and Awards Manual regarding the Vietnam Service Medal.

Awards Information out of the Coast Guard Manual is the same as the Navy Awards Manual. Why the Coast Guard Manual? Dan, also a Naval Reservist, like myself, recently finished off a 31 year carrier serving our Nation in the active Navy; drilled actively as a Navy Reservist and finally, in the Coast Guard, retiring as a CWO4.

As an added bonus to this Gallery, Dan has also forwarded a copy of a then confidential Press Release chronicling the 1972 line periods. This document was declassified 31 OCT 1972.

These documents are in photo format, as they were too difficult to scan for text. You can read the contents of this document by clicking OPEN IN WORD on the Communication Page which line #5 takes you to below.

The following follow-up letter from Dan gives us a Table of Contents for this Gallery. Follow the links. Your Yeoman will also provide the WORD document at the click of your mouse. You will find the link OPEN IN WORD on each page.

Each item referenced in the numbered list by Dan is a Hot Link to that Page. Use the Return Button to return to this Page.

Please join with me, your Yeoman in saluting Dan for his dedication to our Ship and her history and also for his willingness to share these details, which are, after all, so very important to all of us. If the Hannah won certain awards and citations, and you were serving aboard during the times of eligibility, you also qualify to wear them.


If you want to know where you can get your Ribbons & Awards, here's what Shipmate Craig Close has to say about it:

"If someone doesn't have an award issued on their discharge papers or DD 214 from 1951 to present, they can download a DOD Form DD 149 from the VA website at www.va.gov and get a correction of Military records form and it tells on that form where to send it also. Also if someone doesn't have their medals they can download a standard Form 180 and a copy of their discharge papers and get their medals shipped to them from St. Louis. When I served aboard the Hancock in '64-'66 my records were not complete so I got a correction of Military Records and added them to my discharge papers. The Hancock received the Navy Unit Citation Ribbon (No Medal) for this award after I was discharged and everyone that was on the ship at that same time should be eligible for that Ribbon. ~ Craig Close"

[email protected]

Thanks, Craig for sharing this important bit of information on Awards & Ribbons! ~ Jake

The following Letter from Dan acts as a Table of Contents: follow the Links

19 July 2001

Dear Jake,

Enclosed please find the following documents:

Listing of "Awards earned while attached to USS Hancock"

This was provided to all ship's company. I received this copy sometime around 1971. It shows periods of eligibility for the Naval Unit Commendation (NUC), Meritorious Unit Commendation (MUC), Vietnam Service Medal (VSM), Vietnam Campaign Medal (VCM), Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal (AFEM), and Republic of Vietnam Armed Forces Meritorious Unit Commendation (Gallantry Cross) (RVAFMUC(GC)). It is not completely up to date. I added one additional listing of an NUC awarded while I was aboard. I know for certain that additional NUCs and MUGs were awarded Hancock for the time period near the fall of South Viet Nam in 1975.

2. Copy of MUC citation awarded 20 Nov 70 to 07 May 71.

Copy of NUC citation awarded 08 Feb 72 to 14 Sep 72.

Copies of pages from the U.S. Coast Guard Medals and Awards Manual indicating the periods of eligibility for the VSM. You will note that Hancock earned 13 of the 17 campaign stars

5. Copy of a press release in message form chronicling the line periods of the 1972 cruise (Note: these files are in picture form, and take some time to load.. time out for a trip to the Captain's Pantry for some good old Hannah black Mud... )

Page copies from the 1970-1971 cruise book showing the Hancock did earn the Battle Efficiency "E" in 1969.

An 'Acrostic' synopsis of the Hannah's Life, taken from Cruise Book '71 - '72, spells out 'Phuque' - perhaps a Joke by one of our Public Information Office writers? or was it just a coincidence? ~ Jake

7. Pages from the 1969-1970, 1970-1971, and 1972 cruise books listing deceased crew members. Some of those listed as MIA in the 1972 copy were later returned as POWs; some were deceased I don't know which. This could probably be figured out by going to a POW website for a listing of Viet Nam POWs.

I noticed from your information that you were a reservist assigned to Hancock. So was I. I was an RD2/0S2 and ended up staying about 3-1/2 years on active duty (most aboard Hancock). I then stayed a drilling reservist after separation. I left the Naval Reserve in 1976 as an OS1 and transferred to the Coast Guard Reserve as an RD1 (same rates). I retired last year as a CWO4 after 31 years of service.

I hope this information is of use to you in updating your website.


Eureka, CA 95503-7704


Please join with me, in saluting Dan for his contribution to the USS Hancock Memorial, as your Yeoman now presents to Dan the Jake's 'Yankee Station' - USS Hancock CV/CVA-19 Memorial's 'Special Recognition and Achievement Award.'

This Award is presented to contributors to this site, who show concern and dedication to Duty, Honor and Commitment, in helping us to forward and eJake's Special Recognition and Achievement Awardnhance the memory of the USS Hancock and her Crew. It is also awarded to those who help to preserve Truth about the Record of our great ship and it's involvement in wartime actions.

Dan has fulfilled all requirements, as put forth in this site's Awards guidelines. However, Dan has declined this honor, stating that the Crew deserves equal honor one and all, and your Yeoman concurs that any Award our ship won, was won by all. Therefore in the Spirit of Oneness and Fairness, The Award is given to all of those who served on the USS Hancock CV/CVA-19 Collectively.

The Crew Award from Jake's 'Yankee Station' is available for viewing by the click of the mouse on the SRAE award to the right.

NUC - Naval Unit Commendation (NUC)
Navy Unit Commendation

MUC - Meritorious Unit Commendation (MUC)
Navy Meritorious unit commendation

VSM - Vietnam Service Medal (VSM)
Vietname Service Medal/Ribbon

VCM - Vietnam Campaign Medal
Vietnam Campaign Medal

AFEM - Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal
Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal

RVAFMUC(GC) - Republic of Vietnam Armed Forces
Meritorious Unit Commendation (Gallantry Cross)
Republic of Vietnam Armed Forces Meritorious Unit Citation

Korean Defense Service Medal
Information Is Pending

(For Service during the Pueblo Incident)

Battle Efficiency "E"
Naval Effeciency Ribbon
For information on the Big 'E' Ribbon - click

Return Topside

Jake's Special Recognition & Achievement Award Recipients

! This award is a Hancock Memorial Award and is not a Ribbon awarded by the US Government !

More on the Hanna Awards

For Actions during WWII, she received...

Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Ribbon

Five Engagement Battle Stars on her Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Ribbon:

Operations off Leyte
Operations off Luzon
Operations off Iwo Jima
Operations off Okinawa
Third Fleet Operations off Japan

She also received two non-engagement stars on her Philippine Liberation Ribbon awarded by the government of the Philippines. The basic ribbon is earned for "taking part in the initial landing operations on Leyte"
(Ribbon not available at the moment)

Philippine Liberation Ribbon

The 1st is earned by "participation in any combat
engagement with the enemy forces in the Philippines area".
The 2nd is earned by "service in the Philippines
or in Philippine waters for 30 days or more during the period from
17 October 1944 through 3 September 1945"

Navy Unit Commendation
WWII Navy Unit Commendation
For Outstanding Heroism in Action

During 10 months of World War II combat, the Hancock's gunners (Air Groups) shot down 723 enemy planes and sank 17 warships and 31 merchant ships. Two hundred and twenty-one of her crewmen have died aboard the ship.

Hancock was awarded Five Battle Stars for action off Vietnam.

Humanitarian Service Medal
Humanitarian Service Medal

Humanitarian Service Medal
Bronze star in lieu of a 2nd Humanitarian Service Medal

Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal
Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal

Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal
Bronze star in lieu of a 2nd
Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal

The XO has some info on the AFEM

Meritorious Unit Commendation Medal CVA-19 & CVW-21
From 6 December 1965 to 25 July 1966
for combat operations in Southeast Asia
(click Ribbon for Commendation)

Navy Unit Commendation
Navy Unit Commendation
(click Ribbon for Commendation)


All personnel attached to the USS HANCOCK, or to her embarked air wing, and serving on board this vessel during the period designated above, or any part thereof, are hereby authorized to wear the Navy Unit Commendation Ribbon.

Your Yeoman is not sure about the Vietnam Navy Unit Commendation,
if it looks different than the WWII Ribbon

Meritorious Unit Commendation Medal CVA-19 & CVW-5

For meritorious achievement from 20 January 1967 to 14 July 1967 for combat operations in Southeast Asia

(click Ribbon for Commendation)

Navy Unit Commendation
In 1975, the Navy Unit Commendation was presented to Commander,  Task Force 76 for service during Operations Eagle Pull and Frequent Wind, which Hanna played a major role in, and therefore, those involved also  can claim this medal
(click ribbon for commendation)

Meritorious Unit Commendation presented to Commander, 7th Fleet,
same action above
(click ribbon for commendation)

Hancock was the first carrier to receive the Navy Unit Commendation for both WWII & Vietnam.

Naval Effeciency Ribbon
The Battle Efficiency "E"

Previously, your yeoman had no knowledge that our ship and crew received the Battle Efficiency "E" but thanks to Dan's EFFICIENCY we now have bonafide information and details on this and other Awards our ship and crew received during her career.

There is new intelligence regarding Hancock Award Ribbons released recently

Operations 'Eagle Pull' and 'Frequent Wind Awards Update

Job Well Done !!!

Special Kudos for Hannah and Crew during Operation Frequent Wind - 1975

Communiqué from Commanding General to all men of the 9th Marine Amphibious Brigade

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