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Captain T. D. Harris
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The Bridge where I stood many-a-watch
The Bridge

CDR A.C. O'Leary, Executive Officer
XO - Cmdr A. C. O'Leary
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CDR O'Leary

 These fine men were CO and XO during Jake's WestPac '63

This is a picture of the Pilot House on the Bridge of the Hancock, which was dismantled and reconstructed at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum, Washington, DC.

As Captain's Yeoman, I often had to seek  this Signature.

I hadn't seen this signature in over 36 years until my shipmate,
QM3 Dennis Milliken sent me  a copy of  his Advancement in Rate Certificate, on which was this familiar signature.. and it brought back an instant rush of emotions!

I actually admired Capt. Harris' signature, and tried to make my own appear as good. Capt. Harris had unusually fine penmanship, and, as you see here, a fine hand with the pen.

Hannah's Commanding Officers

The Quartermaster, the Bos'n Pipe and the 1MC

This old Hancock Sailor still hears calls over the old familiar 1MC...

"Liberty call, Liberty call..."

"Taps, taps now lights out. Maintain silence about the decks. The smoking lamp is out. Now taps."

"Now reveille, reveille. All hands heave out and thrice up. The smoking lamp is lit in all berthing spaces. Now Reveille, Reveille!"

"Sweepers man your brooms; clean sweep down, fore and aft.. take all trash and garbage to the fantail..."

"Now hear this, now hear this... all hands muster for Quarters on the Hangar Deck!"

"Now set the Special Sea and Anchor Detail..the Officer of the Deck has changed his watch from the hanger bay to the Bridge...prepare for getting underway...

"Single up all lines... Haze Gray and Underway... nite lads!"

"Now relieve the watch..."

"General Quarters, General Quarters, all hands man your battle stations... now set condition Zebra!"

"Now Flight Quarters, Flight Quarters, all hands man your Flight Quarters Stations.. now set Condition Red, Darken Ship, Darken Ship..."

"Now hear this, now here this, secure from General Quarters... now set condition Yoke...

"... man overboard, man overboard! This is not a drill!"

"Now hear this, now hear this, all hands stand clear of all weather decks, hatchways and catwalks due to high winds and heavy seas..."

"Now lay before the mast..all 8 o'clock reports".

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You can visit the 'CPO Goat Locker Page' and download your copy of the 'Bosun's Pipe Calls' here which we always heard over the 1MC prior to the above 'All Hands, Now hear this...

The Ship's Operational Log files are available now..