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Jewel Case Covers

CD-ROM Labels

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Shipmates, this Website Memorial, honoring the U.S.S. HANCOCK CV/CVA-19 and her former Crew, is now available in its entirety on a CD-ROM Disk which will make your ability to visit the site more convenient and within keeping of your own time available to peruse the Website. The On-line Links available while logged on to the Internet site (this one) will not be available to you unless you are logged on during the perusal of this OFF-LINE Website (the CD-ROM), however much of the content available to you on the ON-LINE version will be available on the CD-ROM because the disk contains all that this Website has (and more!) Huh? More, because much of the text I used to create this site but not made available on the Server is on the disk.

I am sure you will enjoy this addition to your CD-ROM Library. It can be a Treasure to have and to hold the rest of your life, and one you may wish to pass on to your progeny. I have already done so with my own.

In order to receive the Disk labeled correctly for your own time served on the Ship, you must state on the Order Form the years you served and select Jewel Case Cover and CD-ROM Label.

The CD-ROM Program Welcome Screen Welcomes you to NAS, Alameda - Home Port of the 'Fighting Hannah' during the Vietnam War

The disk is priced at $25.00 + $1.50 shipping and handling = $26.50). The Disk is upgraded Annually which means, as the site grows, you will be shipped the most current one when available. It is up to you to check for Updates - follow the Update Link below.

We will not notify you when updates are available. It is up to you to take this responsibility.

For Updates, you must send $21.50 (Includes shipping and handling) when you discover a new Version is available by checking our Disk Upgrade Area..

If more notable improvements become available, you will receive a Post Card if you left us no viable Email address to contact you at, or an Email notice, notifying you that an Update Version is available.  Normal upgrade Notices will not be sent automatically.

You must request an Update Copy at the Disk Upgrade Area. Follow the procedure to request an Update and when the Request is received in the Admin Office along with your Donation plus shipping and handling fee, a Fresh New Copy of the Hancock Memorial will sent out to you. Please make sure you keep the Yeoman informed of any Email/Surface mail address changes or you will miss out on Upgrades.

The price of $26.50 isn't at all high when you keep in mind that this is a collection of memories that to most of us, is PRICELESS. I have placed the CD-ROM at this Donation Level to help defray the costs I have encountered in the process of keeping this website Online and available to you and our other shipmates, and the World Wide Web, my effort to keep the 'Fighting Hannah' alive for future generations. I'd rather provide this Disk of Memories for a fair Donation amount than ask for free-will donations, but we encourage you to be generous in that area as well. You can find out how you can lend a hand by going to the Donations page.

The proceeds from the sale of the CD-ROM disk will go to pay for hosting charges and other Website related expenses for this Website. There is no profit made from this disk.

To receive your copy of this Treasure, you need only fill out the Request Form, print it and post it, with your payment.

Payments: Certified Bank cashiers check or Bank or Postal money order. A Personal check is acceptable, but we will not ship until checks clear bank. In which case, please allow 3 Weeks for delivery.

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Checking for Update Section

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