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WWII Compartment

Jake's Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club Website AwardCaptain Herschel A. Pahl's WWII Hancock Memorial

When I was aboard the Hancock in 1963, I vaguely heard of the Hancock's WWII actions. It wasn't until I met up with Hersch Pahl that I finally learned that I served in a very Special Ship with an outstanding War Record! Since then, I have been trying to gather in as much History about the Hancock as I can possibly do.

Knowing Hersch has helped me tremendously. Make sure you visit our WWII Compartment, and read Hersch's Personal Hancock Memoirs. You will be changed forever. Also, make sure you sign our Guest Book while here, and let us know how you appreciate his and his shipmate's sacrifices =- Jake

Post WWII and Vietnam War Era Compartment

RM2 Rob Lee's CR Division - USS Hancock CVA-19 Tribute -
If you want to see the HANCOCK EXCELLENCE continue, make sure you make a Port Call to Rob Lee's CR Division USS Hancock CVA-19 Tribute Page. Rob has done a Bravo Zulu job on this Tribute to the "Fighting Hannah" - and the Yeoman is Happy to Award Rob the Big E Honor Banner!
This Web Page currently covers CR Division personnel and general activities aboard ship from two Hancock WestPac deployments:

18 July 1968 to 3 March 1969
2 August 1969 to 15 April 1970

Jake's Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club Website AwardMike Postolan, PHC (Ret) would like to share with you his own collection of pictures of the Hancock.

Mike has one of the most comprehensive Image Galleries on the USS HANCOCK that your Yeoman knows about. Up to meeting Mike, I thought I had the BEST, but Mike has, undeniably, the BEST I have yet found! I am, needless to say, Proud to Partner with Mike Postolan and his son, Mike Jr who works so hard at this notable Website.

Please make a 'Port Call' to his Website by clicking on the Porthole above.

Dennis Milliken's XO's Office
(Our Website XO)

Don Mettler's Homepage
Another Great Hancock Homepage
Don is the Association's Web Yeoman

Jake's Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club Website AwardJack Down's USS Hancock
Jack Down's Website is the latest to come aboard
the Internet Armada of great Naval History Websites
commemorating the USS Hancock CV/CVA-19 and
Crew. Welcome Aboard, Jack!

Interesting Links We hope you'll visit

First in War - First in Peace - The First Armored Division

Those of you who enjoy True Life Stories of those who
demonstrated Uncommon Valor, please read...

Arthur E. Krenn's 1st Armored Division WWII Memoirs
Those who enjoy reading true stories of uncommon courage
under fire will enjoy reading Arte Krenn's Memoirs!
~ Another Honor Site by Jake the Yeoman ~

The Hancock is a Charter Member of the
Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club - We were there First November 1963!

Charter Member - Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club
Visit the Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club Web Guide

Web Guide to naval activities during the Vietnam conflict. Contains message boards, photo album, and roster of ships that served in the Tonkin Gulf.


Web guide to submarines, message boards and FREE email accounts: [email protected]

Those of you born before 1945

Those who saved the World

The Charles "Ed" Jones - USS Indianapolis CA-35 Memorial

Read a Funny-Now-Not-so-Funny THEN Story

View a Typical Plan of the Day aboard Hancock  for 3 May 1975

Visit two Sister Ships...

'CPO Goat Locker Page'
A Site that Honors those who run the Navy,
The Navy Chief Petty Officers

Navy Careers - Let the Journey Begin

Origin of the U. S. Navy Flag

Patriot's Point Maritime Museum

Hancock Serendipity: Icons of the Past - A collection of the Hancock Soul - Items sent in by fellow crewmembers which have become icons of the "Hancock Mystique"

Asiatic Fleet Memorial

Asiatic Fleet Memorial Presidential Proclamation

America, Protect our Flag!
Save the Flag

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Veterans Health and Mesothelioma Awareness

If you are interested in learning more about Mesothelioma as it relates to Veterans or wish to read other issues related to Veterans- please visit our Veteran's Health & Awareness Page.

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