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Jake the YeomanHello to my Visitors! Besides this Website (Jake's 'Yankee Station' - USS Hancock CV/CVA-19 Memorial) I also host these other Military Memorials, which I have under the Jake's Military Memorials which are tied up with us at Pier #3, Cyber-NAS Alameda...

If you have found these Websites pleasing then why not Support these Military Memorials, to keep them afloat: Your Help Is Greatly Appreciated!

Since the Hancock Memorial has lost their Primary Sponsor, and is now Steaming on her own, we need your Support more than Ever!

There are different ways you can donate to this Website: You can donate Financial Support, Memorabilia, Photos, Oral History or your Comments in the Ship's Deck Log. Keep in mind any of the items other than Financial Support must be yours or in the Public Domain. You must state this in your contribution Email to Jake using the Email Link at the bottom of this page.

Financial Support

We have several ways of Financial Support to this Website. You can make an Open Ended Donation using the PayPal® Link below, or you can choose to become a Endowment Trustee.

Donating via our Open Ended Donation Button is quick and easy and this kind of donation is up to your generosity and unlike the Endowment Trust, has no automatic renewal. You can just come to this page whenever you feel like continuing your support.

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If you don't like to use PayPal, you may fill out a Microsoft Word Document or a Raw Text Format Form and send it in with your Donation. To protect me from Identity theft, I request that you send me Email with your Name, ship served in; time aboard, your rank/rate, etc.) and I'll send you an address where you can send your Donation. Thanks for putting up with this ordeal to support the Naval History Websites which I host. - Jake

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Other kinds of Donations


For Memorabilia which you wish returned, please include a Self-addressed Stamped Envelope, or the same cost of postage you used to send them to the Yeoman; or you may send them on either a 3.5" Floppy Disk or CD-ROM disk - See Mailing Address Here - or go here and upload the images. Please send only good quality photos!

Oral History

Oral History can be sent via this form or via Email Attachment or using our File Upload Area.

You can send your Oral History Stories here.

Please accept our Thanks!

Please allow me to thank you for any help you give, whether it is in Financial Support, Photos, Oral History or Memorabilia; such donations are definitely needed and very much appreciated. Through this means of Support and your Appreciation, we can press onward into the 21st Century, and we're already at Full Steam..

~ Jake

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