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Post WWII - Recommissioning to just before the Vietnam Era

Most of the pictures here have been contributed by Ken Groom. He and I both hope you enjoy this Gallery. Another former shipmate, Richard A. Kirsch recently added to this wonderful gallery, his own photographic record of life on the Hannah during this period. You can visit his gallery using the Link below or click here.

Kenneth Groom was transferred to the USS Hancock on January 1, 1954 and served the last four years in the Navy on the ship we all have come to love. He was on the USS Yancey AKA-93 when he volunteered for duty on the Hancock that was being recommissioned in Bremerton Washington. He was part of the ship's company of about 50 people when he reported aboard.

When she left Bremerton, they took most of their cars along with them, on their way to San Diego, which was to be Hanna's new home until she was sent to NAS Alameda, California later on.. this will explain why there are cars on the Flight Deck.

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The Pictures in this Gallery are unique. Seeing those old cars of the early and mid 1950's is a thrill to an old car buff like myself. You will enjoy Ken's contribution to this Gallery!

Ken Groom, along with the skeleton crew on the Hancock, left Bremerton in December. They stopped long enough to cut a beautiful 60 foot Evergreen, which they affixed to #1 Elevator, decked out with lights, when they arrived in San Diego on Christmas, they raised the Elevator and it appeared as if the tree was growing out of the Flight Deck. Hancock has always set milestones for ingenuity and creativity.. from bouncing echos off the moon to displaying a hugh banner likeness of the Navy Unit Commendation which she and the crew won in Vietnam. This was no different. I wish I had seen this sight for myself!

Another picture from Ken Groom. This is an aircraft retrieval on the fantail. Circa 1954. Notice the Hull Number 19 was also displayed on the aft ramp during these days.

Some of Ken Groom's Shipmates on the Flight Deck, next to the car they bought together

Hancock Receives her Steam Catapults in 1954 and the first plane to test it is the S2F1 Tracker (Picture courtesy of the Naval Air & Sea Museum)

Ed "Andy" Anderson sent the Memorial these two photos he took while he served on Hannah in 1960. Top one was taken in Pearl Harbor. He didn't tell me what the other carrier is across the Harbor, but I bet you it's the Midway! Anyone who knows for sure, let me know! Hannah has A4ds on the Flight deck, with one coming up on Elevator #1.

The one below shows water coming over the bow of the ship, while the ship was riding out a typhoon in the South China Sea.

Added 5 Oct 1999

A Picture Post Card
of Hannah, 1956-57

An 'overhead' view of Hanna, while she refuels her escorts

Lowell Price donated these two pictures of the Hancock. He states, "Jake, I had these photo's of the Hancock from 1956 and 1957. Thought you might like to have them. Lowell"

The 'Picture Post Card' view of the Hancock is one of the finest pictures of our ship, in the entire Hancock Picture Gallery... thank you, Lowell! ~ Jake

Photos added 9 June 2001

F2H-3 Banshee Jet - Piloted by Ltjg W. T. Brooks 6-17-54 

The name of the contributor of these next 4 images has been lost to us, but they are worthy of note. It appears they were taken from a Cruise Book...

This is an F2H-3 Banshee about to be launched on 17 June 1954, piloted by Ltjg W. T. Brooks


Project "Ram" - the test firing of a Regulus Missile from the deck of the Hancock.

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The Hancock takes a long stay at Hunters Point in 1956 for installation of her Angle Deck...

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A Regulus Missile on the Launcher aboard the Hancock which is then air-controlled by the pilot of a F9F-6 Cougar in Late '54 and early '55

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