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"Fighting Hannah" WWII History Booklet"

 Earl P. Ayres

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 Earl P. Ayres

WWII Hancock War Casualty Memorial

In 1945, the Hancock published their War Record in a Booklet called, "The Fighting Hannah".. Our Shipmate Earl P. Ayres, a Corpman on the Hancock during this time, wished to share his Booklet with the Online Hancock Community, and also the World Wide Web though this Website Porthole.

Many lives were lost aboard our ship during those days, which this booklet documents, also make sure you visit Book II for more photos out of our Hancock History Booklet.

We also ask that you take some time after reading the pages here presented, to visit the WWII Taps Site and pause for a moment and remember those lives which were lost aboard the U.S.S. HANCOCK CV-19. To visit there, click the Plaque to the Right.