Meet Earl P. Ayres, HM3, USN (Ret)

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Earl Ayres, still going strong!Your Yeoman had asked Earl to briefly give us some background and this was what he wished to contribute:

"Jake, I will attempt to answer some of your questions regarding my life in the Navy, and the time thereafter, not that there can be much of great interest. I enlisted in the Navy at the Portland, Ore. recruiting station, and along with many others left by train January 3rd 1943, for Farraugt, Idaho boot camp. What a cruel awakening to be greeted by knee-deep snow, and freezing cold.

I was at camp scott # 27. After boot camp, I went to hospital corp school to become a corpsman. Upon completion of that school I was sent to the Bremerton, Washington Naval Hospital & the Marine barracks for further training. Earl P. Ayres

I was then sent to pier 91 in Seattle, the receiving station, where I remained until the following year, when I was sent to the east coast where I was assigned to the Hancock at Norfolk Virginia, so I was not quite a plank owner.

I remained on the Hancock until Feb. 1946, when I was released from active duty. I returned to Oregon where I attended Linfield College until 1948.

I moved to The Dalles, Oregon and was employed as a car salesman until August 1950, when I was recalled to active duty until Oct. 1951for the Korean War.

After discharge, I returned to Oregon, and was again in the car business. I eventually had my own dealership with Ford Mercury line.
I was Married in 1948, we had 5 children, 13 grand children, and 7 great grandchildren. We still call The Dalles, Oregon our home, although we are snowbirds who head for Arizona around the middle of Sept. and return usually in May This is my story,

Earl P. Ayres

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Earl P. Ayres