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Shipmates, this is the Earl P. Ayres, HM3, USN Hancock Photo Gallery...

and is dedicated to his honor. We thank him so very much for assembling this fine Photo Gallery of the USS Hancock during WWII.

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To get the info on each picture, click the Anchor & Chain or on INFO below each picture thumbnail. If you know that more should be told about the picture or if it was reported in error, please contain your Yeoman. Thanks!


The following is Info on each photo in the Extended WWII Earl P. Ayres Gallery...

Picture #1:

Fighter on the Flight Deck, ready for launch

Picture #2:

USS Franklin, badly damaged after Japanese attack.

Picture #3:

Saving the Franklin


Picture #4:

USS Hancock October 25, 1944

Picture #5:

Franklin after fires are put out


Picture #6:

Removing dead and wounded - January 21, 1945 when an explosion of 500 # bomb in a returning TBM dropped to the flight deck and exploded, killing all on the flight deck near the plane, including the plane's crew.

Picture #7:

Getting Planes ready for strike

Picture #8:

Shot taken from a Destroyer - April 7, 1945. Hannah is on fire.


Picture #10:

January 23, 1945 - Funeral for 7 Officers and 43 Enlisted men due to bomb explosion from returning TBM on January 21, 1945. Said bomb was adrift in the TBM's bomb bay and when opened, the bomb fell to the deck and exploded.

Picture #11:

Same Burial at Sea for Picture #10, January 23, 1945

Picture #12:

Hancock in Battle Dress


Picture #13:

Deck Elevator

Picture #14

Strike Day

Picture #15:

Strike Day


Picture #16:

Bogie down: splash one "Judy"



Picture #17:

Halsey Powell Hit taken from USS Essex



Picture #18:

Murder's Row at Ulithi



Picture #19:

Another good kill



Picture #20:

April 7, 1945 - Hanger Deck Forward



Picture #21:

Bombs to be loaded on the planes



Picture #22:

Halsey Powell, takes a bomb and engine from a Kamikaze, shot 500 feet overhead.. causing an emergency breakaway and a near collision... passing by inches from the Hancock's bow... a very tense moment in our ship's history.



Picture #23:

Landing planes on Strike Day



Picture #25:

Burial at Sea which took place on 9 April 1945, when a Jap Bomb exploded on 7 April on the flight deck: 27 killed, 35 missing in action, 20 jumped or blown over side, rescued and admitted to sickbay; 17 wounded in action.



Picture #26:

Belly Tank Fire



Picture #27:

October '44



Picture #28:

Near miss



Picture #29, 30:

April 7, 1945



Picture #31:

March 1945



Picture #32

Barrier Crash



Picture #33:

Too High, Too Fast!!! This pilot was lucky!




Picture #34:

Arming Bomb



Picture #35:

March 1945



Picture #36:

After a Strike



Picture #37:

Forward 22mm Guns



Picture #38

End of Kamikaze