It's Important to know the Past, and Study it thoroughly,
For if we fail to learn the Mistakes of the Past, we will be
doomed to repeat them.

Jake Jaccard, YN3, USNR (R), '61-'67
Your Yeoman and Tour Guide


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These are Military Websites now under the Yeoman Bee NetGraphics, Ltd. Military
Memorial Umbrella We thank you for your Support and for visiting these Sites!!


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Jake's 'Yankee Station' - USS Hancock CV/CVA-19 Memorial
The Home Port of the Cyber-Hannah - the "Hanna-Maru"

Jake's USS Hancock CV/CVA-19 Memoiral Shipmate's Galleries
A Terrific Website where YOU can add your own Album and Photos to share -
These Images
MUST contain some association with the USS Hancock Crew Experience -
A Crew Experience means also their Families -

Rich Kirsch's Fighting Hannah
Our Middle Years Gallery and Coordinator, Richard A. Kirsch now breaks out with his own
U.S.S. Hancock CVA-19 OP Division Photo Lab Memorial Website - part of the Yeoman's
Veterans Memorial Network

Visit the Krenn Papers and learn about Real Combat

The Krenn Papers

S/Sgt Arthur E. Krenn's Personal War Diary of his time with the 1st Armored Division
in North Africa and the Battles for Italy. Not for the faint of heart, or those offended by the language of combat, this Epic is for those who love an Action Packed, True account of World War II in Europe and North Africa - one that is not 'sugar coated' or slanted from the point of view of the News Media, but told by a decorated Tanker Captain, the Krenn Papers is a Must-Visit Website!

Indymaru - the USS Indianapolis CA-35 Tribute
A Tribute to the men of the Heavy Cruiser - USS Indianapolis CA-35, and Seaman 2nd Class George Edward Jones, USN of Blaine, Tennessee, which was sunk by Japanese Torpedoes - July 30, 1945 - the Tragedy which took over 800 lives and sent over 400 others into the Shark-infested sea - the Most heralded and infamous Naval Tragedy in modern history aside from the one that took place at Pearl Harbor 4 years before.

The USS JACCARD DE-355 Memorial - A Tribute Site to a Naval Aviator and Hero - A remarkable Man and a remarkable Ship named for him - Ensign Richard A. Jaccard, USNR, killed in action in Wasp CV-7, during the Battle of Midway.

Chief Bos'n Mate Dave Campbells "The Navy Bos'n"

This Website was done for a Shipmate and good Friend, who has a heart of Gold and a Deep Desire to help his Shipmates and other Veterans with their current issues - is a 'Solid Advocate' for them in the cause for Better Health Care, and isworking to get the Veterans Administration up-to-Speed 100% in support of the long-time problems caused from Agent Orange exposure in Vietnam - and for those who labored in the coastal waters of the Tonkin Gulf and the waterways of Vietnam. He also is an Advocate for all other Veterans - especially our Current Walking Wounded who are now coming home from Iraq and Afghanistan. Which way will this Nation go today? The one which sends their youth into Harms Way, and then refuses to give them good medical care. Today Tri-care is at risk - Dave's Motto seems to be, "If we don't stand for something, we'll fall for anything" and I have a tendency to agree with him 100%! - The Yeoman

Visit for more information on these issues.

The Herschel A. Pahl Story
Some interesting History from the Slant of a True Blue WWII Naval Aviator
who passed away 17 October 2010 who was our Aviation Historian and Admin Assistant

The Yeoman recently added a Managed Website for Captain Herschel A. Pahl where he
Sells his Books and offers all a wonderful Perspective on World War II in the Pacific
Please Visit

Come Visit Hersch Pahl's Book and Naval History Website!


Home Sales Site of his Book, "Point Option" - his Epic about his experiences as a Hellcat Pilot
With famous Butch O'Hare's "Fighting Squadron Six (VF-6) - Hersch invites you all to pay him a visit!

Hancock Oral Histories Site

There's nothing that can stir the Heart of a Sailor than to read 'Old Sea Stories' which other 'Old Salts' have taken the time to record for posterity. Come visit and relive the Adventure!

Catch the Launch to the Hancock Galleries

A Treasure-Trove of Photo Galleries ~ Photos contributed by Crewmembers from all Eras of our Ship's History -  Nothing tells a Story better than a Photo, unless it's Oral History, included with Photos, which we have striven to include whenever possible - The Hannah Memorial is One Big Photo Gallery - It could be nothing else!

The Jaccard-Wolfgram and Families History Pages
Jake's Family Genealogy Website

Jake's Poetry Website on this Website
A collection of Muse and deep thoughts by the Yeoman of this Site

Also Jake and his sister's Missionary Website located at Celestial Bound

WWII Extended Galleries

From Communications to Ships Company via the 1MC...
The following Galleries are Exceptional! Must-Visit Galleries!!!

The Extended WWII Gallery - A Gift to us from Earl P. Ayres, HM3, USN

Another Gift from Earl P. Ayres, HM3, USN as Part of His WWII Gallery-

The Extended Middle Years Gallery - A Gift to us from Richard A. Kirsch, PH3, USNR

Jake's Personal Gallery
Your Yeoman has shared some of his personal Photos taken during his Two Year
tour of duty on the Hannamaru

The Frederick A. Kralowetz, AVCM, USNR (Ret) VAW-11 Detachment Lima Extended Vietnam Era Gallery

By far one of the most extensive Photo Galleries on the Internet of the USS Hancock CVA-19, ranking up there along with the Michael T. Postolan USS Hancock Vietnam Era Gallery, this gallery will have a "Reflective" affect on you that will bring you back time after time.

This is the First Gallery honoring one of our CAG/CVW-21 Squadron Members VAW-11 Detachment Lima!

While I was assembling this Gallery, I had many flashbacks of this time aboard ship, since this time was so very poignant to my early memories. I am quite sure it will have the exact same affect on you as you peruse this Gallery. I can only say a hearty "Bravo Zulu" to our Comrade and Shipmate, Fred Kralowetz for supplying all these photos along with the Memories which will come flooding in. Thanks Fred!
See it for yourself!


Vietnam Remembered

by the Yeoman

Republic of Vietnam Flag - The one we were fighting to SaveJake's Vietnam Veterans Tribute Home Page - Please visit the Tribute to The Best of our Generation. The Vietnam Veteran.

One Backward Glance - A Touching Reminder of those we left beind.

Jake's Vietnam War Poetry
A collection of Deep Sentiments regarding our Involvement in the Vietnam Conflict

Jake's Virtual Wall Memorial
When a visit to the Wall Memorial in Washington, DC is not possible but you have a deep need to go there, it's possible to achieve the same affect by visiting our 'Virtual Wall' Memorial.

Scattered Memories - A tribute to our Sister Vietnam Veterans

Letters at the Wall - A Tribute to the 'Gold Star Mothers' - The Mothers who lost sons or daughters in Vietnam

Vietnam War Statistics

Our 'Other' Missing - A seldom considered, but thought-provoking point to consider...

Vietnam - Making Sense of it All - To our Vietnam Veterans, who continue to face the Enemy within, this Poem is Dedicated. May it give "us" all a more deeper resolve for Victory. The War was not lost by us, it was lost by our Leaders who sent us there.

USS Hancock MIAs

Jake's Personal MIA

The Three Soldiers Memorial at the Wall, Washington, DC
Visit the Vietnam Veterans Home Page


Click here for the Post Re-Commissioning Casualty List

Take a moment and Remember our Fallen Comrades

Lest We Forget...

LTJG Dewey L. Alexander, USNR

LCPL Greg Kelley, USMC

CPL Gary Nels Nelson, USMC

Andrew Kirchmayer, USA

SGT Brian Robert Koehn, USA


Dedicated to all of those who gave their lives valiantly in Southeast Asia

Vietnam Campaign Medals

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