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Jake TodayShipmates, those of you who know me, know that I don't mince words when it comes to my Navy Pride.  We need to tell the world that the United States is strong because of their Sea and Air power. I take special pride in the fact that I  was part of  this great Naval Air tradition. Such Pride, perhaps may reflect on this Web Site. I hope you will also share with me in this Pride, as I am sure you do.

This Memorial Site to our Ship and crew had it's humble beginnings 12 years ago in 1995 when I set up my Personal Homepage on America Online. It began as a small autobiographical page, which then grew to become "Jake's Yankee Station' - a memorial to my time in the Navy and the ship in which I served, the U.S.S. HANCOCK CVA-19.

Shortly after I put it up on the Internet, people began to visit it from all over the place; most were former shipmates and crew members who were, like me, trying to connect to a time in their youth - a time of great adventure.

The site grew and grew, and more and more visitors came 'aboard'. I decided after receiving so many kudos and awards on the site, to keep the tradition, but make it more of a Memorial Site to the Hancock and her crew. The results of this jump forward, is the current site at this Domain, usshancockcv19.com.

Some may think I have not dropped Jakes influence here. Well, that may be true, but I have decided that if I had two years of service aboard the ship, I have enough knowledge and memories to become your "Tour Guide" on your personal 'Cyber-Tour aboard our Ship, the HANCOCK.

That is the only position that I hold on this site. The rest of it is yours to have and to hold from this day forward.. The site grew to become more than myself, it has come to be OUR site, and more so, the Tribute to the USS Hancock and her crews down through the years from 1944 to 1975, both ship's company and Air Wings.

If you wish to read my Navy Memoirs please make a port call to:

Jake's 'Two Years Before the Mast'

I also have a personal poetry site on the Web, where you can perhaps enjoy my literary output over the years.. it's located at:

Jake's Poetry and Jake's Vietnam War Poetry

I also have several otherl Tribute sites where I have Memorialized a distant cousin of mine, a Naval Aviator and Hero of WWII. Having lost his life in WASP CV-7 during the famous battle of Guadalcanal, a ship was soon named for him, and I am Memorializing both the man and the ship named for him at:

Jake's USS Jaccard DE-355 Memorial

Naval Air Wings

Meet Me There

USS Indianapolis CA-35

Also you'd be proud to visit a Tribute Site I put up to commemorate the many lives lost on the USS Indianapolis CA-35 which went down with many of her crew in 1945. This Site tributizes the Ship and in more particular one of her crew who sent home letters to his family members, Seanman 2c Cherles "Ed" Jones, USN..