The USS Hancock CV/CVA-19
Marine Detachment

Muster on the Flight Deck for Inspection

The Marine Detachment in 1963 was Commanded by Capt. P. J. Kieselbach, headed up by XO, 2nd Lt. Wayne "Mick" Lingenfelter.

Hannah has always been proud of it's Marine Detachment, and this part of our Naval Tradition. Wherever Hannah went, her Marines went proudly along.

Those who spent time in the Brig remember them well !

Your Yeoman had no such experience, but he had a close relationship with a few of the Captain's Orderlies. Several were CPL D. W. Kelly, LCPL J. J. Kovach and CPL H. G. Keith.

Where would ceremony be if we had no Marine Detachment? Rendering Honors is one of the many duties that the Marine Detachment performed.

During Burials at Sea, they were the Honor Guard, and we need to remember these of our Brothers-in-Arms, whom we proudly served with.

The Fleet Marine Corps has been a Proud Navy Tradition nearly since the Navy was first organized, and though there were and continue to be, very visible competition between us, down deep, I am quite sure, most of us would admit the relationship between us is built upon a strong co-dependency founded in brotherhood.

I enjoyed some friendship made with the Orderlies.

They stood vigils outside the Captain's quarters, such as the one that CPL KovaCPL J.J. Kovachch is standing here. Though many years have come and gone since those days, I remember him still, as a staunch, proud Marine. One I enjoyed many friendly conversations with.

Although I didn't have a chance to get to know all of the members of Hannah's Marine Detachment - known as the "MarDet" - I know them all the same, proud, standing tall, and as the rest of Hannah's crew, willing to serve.. willing to die for one's country.

Over the Hatchway from the X-Division's Compartment, leading to the Marine Detachment Quarters, a sign was placed, that I still see in my mind's eye, though 38 years have come and gone, a sign which read..

Through this Passageway live America's Fighting MenMarDet XO, 2nd Lt. Wayne "Mick" Lingenfelter eventually left ship and was reassigned to Kilo Company, 7th Marines in Vietnam. This is a picture of him in country... he's the smiling Marine in the foreground...

Not knowing the fate of those who served in the Marine Detachment on our Ship, it is quite likely that more than a few eventually were sent to Vietnam. It is with great pride that I say, Semper Fi to all of them, and hope and pray that all made it back to the "world" alive and well.

For those who did not, our gratitude goes out to them, forever, and our Nation should be forever grateful to these of our fallen comrades, who struggled there and gave their lives in that unpopular war. To those of the Marine Detachment, Navy Corpsmen and others of our Crew who did make it back, thanks guys, and "Welcome Home!"

I wish to thank all of those Marines who served our country, as I do those of our Crew, and those of other Naval ships and commands, and for those who served in all Services. America is Free today because her sons and daughters were willing to put self aside, and serve proudly in our Armed Forces.

The US Marine Corps

The Navy Drill Team is no Slouch Either!

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Daniel Snuffer, Cpl, USMC (Ret) 1/9/3 - 1975
CPL Daniel Snuffer
Just a Marine

A Marine's Feelings about the 'Fighting Hannah'

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