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March 24, 2009 - 03:09 AM
Albert Spratley, M-Division - '63-'66
from United States

Thanks Jake for sharing this story. I didn't know your Hancock Website was dedicated to LTJG Dewey Alexander. This story has touched me deeply; it's brought tears to my old eyes and a little pain in my heart as it should.

LTJG Dewey Alexander was MY shipmate. Do I remember him? No. did I ever see him on the Hancock? Can't really say for sure, but his face looks familiar.

I was wayyyyyy below decks and he was wayyyyyy above. I like to think I saw him maybe on the quarterdeck, or passed him in a passageway.

I was on the Hancock from 62-66 so in those years our paths must have surely crossed, but above all else we were shipmates. We steamed the same seas, ate the same food and trained men and prepared Hanna for what was to come.

My heart goes out to LTJG Dewey Alexander's family. I too, lost my dad when I was only 5, so I know what they have been going through all these years. LTJG Dewey Alexander is a true patriot. He loved what he was doing; he was serving and protecting his country and his family and I know he was doing his duty the day he perished. So the next time the traveling wall gets close to where I live I'll do as I always do - take my grandkids to see it. We will etch the names we etch, only this time I'll tell them of the story of one of my shipmates and we will etch the name of LTJG Dewey Alexander on paper and they will ask me as they always do, why are you crying grandpa, and I'll answer as I always do, the tears of remembrance, mixed with a little pain and a little joy.

Jake thank you for sharing this Page! I'm very touched and very moved by this. I didn't complete the '66 Vietnam cruise; I left Hanna in April. I was wondering if Hanna was with the Oriskany or was relieved by her?
Oh one last thing: I also lost my dad in a fire.
Albert Spratley,
USS Hancock CVA-19,
M Division 1962-1966
Joplin, MO

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