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Hello Shipmates! Read this Whole Information Page, please. If you're not a big reader, at least read down to the Line.

This is New Shipmates!, I am trying a new way to register as a member of the Hancock Community - if you like a Facebook style of Social Network, I'd like you to try our new "Shipmates & Marines" Section.

This New Muster Area is only a Test on the Software to get your opinion on this new means of bringing us all together. Once you log on there and go through the Registration Process and check it out, Please Go Here to Learn More.

The Following is important information if you want to add your name to the Muster List. If you're using Mozilla's FireFox Browser or Google's Chrome, the Submit Button will not work! As far as I know the only Browser that does work is MSIE (Microsoft Internet Explorer). If you have MSIE, switch to it and continue the Muster-in Process. I'm not sure if it works with other Browsers. If you use a Browser other than FireFox, Chrome & MSIE, and have problems please use the 'Emergency Muster Chit Here. If your 'other' browser works, then please let me know Here. Please do respond to this request, as it will help me make this process work better for all using it.

If that don't work then download the
Word Document or the PDF file and fill it in and attach it to an Email and post it back to me by clicking

Welcome to our Muster Area. The Virtual Hancock Memorial has been cruising now for over 23 years and in that time, we have had well over 1,000,000 visitors, many of which have been former Crew Members of the 'Fighting Hannah' - and only in more recent times have I, the Yeoman of this Website, thought of creating a Virtual Crew Muster to allow those who served in the HANCOCK to log in and make their Mark.

The Virtual Crew Muster is different than the Regular Visitor's Guest Book, which we call the "Deck Log", which allows ALL visitors to leave thoughts and comments during their Visit here. It that is what you wished to do, please go there.

The 'Virtual Crew Muster' is designed for only those who served aboard the U.S.S. HANCOCK CV/CVA-19 and therefore is a "Hallowed Place" for our Past Crew and Members of our CAG/CVW-21 where they can leave their Mark. We hope you do! Note: We have been assailed by spam bots that are seeking to destroy our fun, by spreading their junk in our input areas. Hence I have had to install Gate Keepers to keep them out. If you can't log in using our Quiz, you probably don't have cookies set up on your browser. In that case request the Link to the Muster Entry Form here.

There are other purposes for why your Yeoman wished to have this List. It makes a good place to begin a Search for your former Shipmates. We all miss those days; there is scarcely any of us who would not go back to those times, if we could; and as time marches onward, we have grown gray topped to go along with our 'Haze Gray' and our memories have turned often backwards to those days of youth when we were so very vital, and our Lives were also so very Vital to all of us. Who hasn't some of the fondest Memories spent aboard our Ship during some of the most Vital time in our lives and also during some of the most Vital Times spent in American and World History?

I may only speak for myself; but I believe that those times were the Highlight of our lives. Although many other things have transpired in my life of equal or monumental value; yet when I was 19 and aboard this Ship, I felt it was the most poignant time in my life and would that I could go back and re-live the Adventure again. This has been the "Steam" that has powered this Website, known as the "Cyber Hannah."

So Shipmate, please Join our Muster. Once again for emphasis, Note that we have Security in place for the Entry Form. For you old Hannah Sailors, you can use the hullnumber to get in. You'll learn why when you go there - If you are here to check out the Lists, use the Search Engine in place on each page, or above on the Navigation Bar to look for a Shipmate - thanks for coming and Welcome Aboard!!

One other thing, we seek permission in the Questionnair to send you important mail from time to time. We use this Email to keep you informed of important Navy News, etc. This Service is called our "Muster Member Notification Service."


Shipmates, I have aligned the Hancock Memorial with HULLNUMBER.COM where you can also add your name, and also those shipmates you are seeking, or search your Command Roster for their names. It is a Bravo Zulu Website which is totally FREE to use.

Once you list your name in our Muster, come back to this page and visit HULLNUMBER.COM. Or you can log on there from the THANK YOU page.

Fair Winds!
Always on Station