Matt Johnson
CWO3 USN (Ret)

CWO3 Matt Johnson, USN

CWO3 Matt Johnson, USN (1988)

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Matt gets His Draft Papers

DRAFTED (August, 1965)

(Humm,,,got this here letter from some government office.... Wonder what they want?)

"Greetings: Your friend and neighbors..... "

Ut oh, I've been drafted !!! and I only have six weeks to make up my mind or I will live in foxholes for the next two years. Think I'll become a Marine. Every time you see one of them in those sharp uniforms, they always have women around them. Yep, gonna be a Marine!!

Marine Recruiting Office:

Good Afternoon, I just got drafted by the Army and I want to become a Marine.

Marine Recruiter:



Boy, you going to be a Marine, you better learn to listen. I said that the Marine Corps will give you six weeks combat training before we send you to Viet Nam where Marines are fighting and dying for their country. Now, you want to sign here?

Uh not right now, I want to think about it.

(Fighting....dying....hum, gotta be something else, uniform or not)

Navy Recruiting Office (around the corner from the Marines):

Good afternoon, I just got drafted by the Army and I want to become a sailor.

You sure?

Yep, I think so.

Well, son, it's almost 1600 hours, what say we go have a beer and talk about this?

(Now this is my kinda service !!)

Home Town, USA - Central Texas - 3 weeks later

(Gonna get on this Greyhound bus to San Antonio and get enlisted into the Navy. Yep, gonna be a sailor. Got this piece of paper saying that my hotel room is paid for and I have to report to the Navy Office across the street and enlist tomorrow morning.)

(Standing in line at hotel desk)
(Well, it's not the Hilton, but I'm only going to be here one night. My last night as a civilian. That's a nice couple in front of me. She's awfully dressed up ... short skirt...high heels... lotsa makeup....and he just has blue jeans and a T-shirt ..... she's is young...and he ain't.... oh well, guess they are just traveling through.)
(Now, that is a shame, that hotel clerk knew they were traveling through and he is charging them by the hour. Bet they won't stay here long.)

Next Morning - Navy Induction Facility

"Good Morning to all of you. You are about to join the Navy. Please raise your right hand and repeat after me. I, state your name, do ......"
(Humm, maybe if I just move my lips, don't say the words and if I don't like it, then I won't have to stay in.)
"Ok, now that you all have been sworn in, here are your orders. Since there are 13 of you (ut oh...unlucky number !!) we will have to split you up for your flight to San Diego. We have 7 tickets for a straight through flight to San Diego and the rest of you will go through Los Angeles and then fly to San Diego."
"Ok, you remaining six, let's see, someone has to be incharge, you there, the tall one, front and center."
(All right, gonna be in charge and I've only been in the Navy for a couple of minutes!!)
"You are responsible for the orders yourself and these other 5 sailors. You will guard their orders with your life. Here are the plane tickets to Los Angeles, don't lose them or the orders. A bus will take you to the airport for your flight. Have a good flight."
(This is all right, never been to California and the Navy is paying for it)

LAX - Los Angeles, California:

"I'm sorry, the last flight to San Diego left about 10 minutes ago, the next one will be at 6:00 in the morning. You are welcome to stay in the terminal until your flight."

Oh, great!!! OK Guys, here is the story. We have to stay in the terminal until tomorrow morning, then we will catch our flight to boot camp. I'm going to put our orders in this locker rather than carry them all night. I've heard that airport food is expensive, what say we go outside and find us a local diner to grab some food?

Outside the terminal walking South:

Man, this terminal is in the middle of nowhere. It was just finished a couple of years ago, and look at that weird alien looking structure. Looks like a space ship. Yep, California is different.

You guys smell smoke? Must have had a house fire recently. You can smell it in the air. We'd better stay together, it's much better if six of us are walking than to split up.

(About 10 blocks away from the airport)
Wonder why that police car is following us? All we are doing is walking, looking for some place to eat.

Uh, yes officer.

No Sir, we aren't looking for any trouble. We just joined the Navy from Texas, we're going to get something to eat. Our flight to San Diego is in the morning.

Riot ??? Watts ??? When ?

Three weeks ago !!! Over 30 people killed !!! Houses burned !!!

Yes, Sir. Back to the terminal. Yes, Sir, we are on our way !!!!

Welcome to California Sailor !!!!

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