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Note: Some of these contact Emails below are old and out of date.. the Yeoman wanted to add names and contact points to this page, but if you want to be listed on this page you should let him know by clicking Here. If you would like to join our Muster, click Here. The Page loads extraneously - Thanks - Jake

Shipmates, It is always very special to have former shipmates contact me. This past year I have reconnected with 3 shipmates I was quite close to..

If you were on Hancock, and would like to have your Email and small Biographical Sketch added to this page, please send it via Email to me. thanks! - Jake

Jim Baker - Member  Hancock Attached Air Group, CAG-21, VAH-4, '62-'64.

See Joe Zeller's oral History contribution. Great reading!

Don Yeggy - I went aboard in Sept. 66 and got off her in April of 70. I was in V-4 div. (Aviation Fuels). I was an AA when I went aboard and when I left I was an ABF-2. I made three WestPac cruises. I'm currently the treasurer of  the Hancock Association.

Bob Jenkins - X Division - Captain's Office Yeoman, XO's Office, Legal Office, "W" Division - Special Weapons Yeoman, and Gunnery Office Yeoman 1957 - 1959. Bob has more for us here.

Rick Gist -I think that your site is one of the best on the Hancock and about the Navy in general. Please keep up the super work!

Richard O. 'Rick' Gist,
ABH-3, V-1 Div. Fly-3
Served on Hancock from July 1964 till June 1966.

Ken "Jake" Jaccard, YN3, USNR - The Yeoman of this Website - Served 1962-64 in the Captain's Office, X-Division. I was a Seaman Yeoman striker, and received the "Crow" soon after I left ship.. during that time, I worked a Yeoman 2nd Class billet! Taking the test only because my Chief 'ordered' me to take it, I fulfilled all my Practical Factors and Correspondence School courses for YN3.. and took the test with the rest of the personnel in the CO's Office, at Treasure Island in January, 1964. Email Jake

I later found out, after I separated from active duty, and at home, that I was the only one in the whole office who passed the test! But not active at the time (I was a Naval Reservist, remember), they were going to pass me over with the Crow.. but a friend of mine in the office told the Captain of my 'plight' and he sent me a personal letter of Commendation and Advancement in Rate. So old Jake mustered out of the Navy as a Yeoman 3rd Class Petty Officer (YN3). Today, I wish I had stayed in and made the Navy a career, but try to tell a 20 year old that who was eager to become a civilian again.

Dennis F. Milliken, QM3, USN (Ret) Dennis has been the XO if this site since . Dennis has provided us a great deal of insight into life aboard the Hannah. Read his Memoirs here

John Yeoman - Hey Jake! My name is John Yeoman. I served on Hannah from February 1964 to Dec. 1966. Almost 3 years. I was an RDC at that time they call it OSC now. I, of course was in the O-I Division. Lived in the Starboard Guinea. I really don't know why they called it that, but it was a small chief's compartment (the compartment was small not the chiefs) aft of the main chiefs quarters. There was one on either side of the ship. There was room for about 13 chiefs in it. Had their own head . One of our chiefs was a MMC and another was a SFC and they comshawed the parts and built us our own A/C unit. had a little trouble getting it regulated but once it was regulated it would tune down to about 65. Captain came down for inspection one time and wanted to know if we were bothered with snow back there. Read John's very interesting slant on Life on the Hancock.

Kenneth D. Groom - Middle Years - Read Ken's story of being a Plankowner after the 1954 Refitting.

Ken has done it again with his new Addition (February 23, 2007 of his Tribute to the U.S.S. YANCEY (AKA-93) Oral History Site. Come and visit there.

I. D. "Inny" Cerbini - WWII Hancock Veteran - B Division 1944-1945 - Did not check it all out but it is great.It took 53 years after leaving the Hannah that I finally found her again.Over the years with no news or words about her you give up. One of my four sons Emailed from the state of Washington that he found the Hancock and her association.I found you from their log. Boy have I been busy on this computer since Nov.12. Keep up the good work.I will check in from time to time. - I.D.Cerbini ( Inny) F2c 1944,1945 A & B Divisions.

Dave Caffey - Fox Div. 1967-1969 - Read Dave's interesting story.

J.D. Thomas - VA-212 '68-'70. Jake, before I start let me say you have a GREAT site here. However, you must lose your Calvinist guilt about not being a Marine! (I have, Dave, but thanks!). Dave continues with his own story.

L.D. Tullis AOU3, VF-154, 1956-1959. LD makes some comments, I believe all of you would be interested in reading.

James R. Barbour - Vietnam Era Flight Deck Coodinator - Admin Assistant - Hi Jake, real nice site. AN Jim R. Barbour (ABE) V-2 Arresting Gear and Catapults 1962-64, Life member of DAV. Your recalling of the time period brought back many memories. The number on the plane that took out the fantail, I believe was "00", we used to call him "Double-Nuts".

I was in V-2 Arresting Gear and Catapults, however they (AG & C) were like two different divisions. I spent all my time with Arresting Gear. Duties included; LSO, Fly3, Hook-running, Arresting engine duty. I recall losing one over-board just outside San Francisco myself. I can recall being anxious to get in when we started the man-over-board routine. I don't recall ever recovering anyone. I'll try to put something together for your site in the next couple of weeks on my recollection of flight deck duty with V-2 Arresting Gear. Keep up the great site.....your shipmate....

Jim Barbour

Jim is trying to get me the name of "Double-Nuts" for our Tribute Page.  He informed me that 'Double-Nutts' was actually the CO of his Squadron. If you know the details or anything regarding this accident, please contact me via Email. A photo of the Burial at Sea of 'Double Nuts' is in my Personal Photo Gallery.

Addendum to this Casualty: I discovered much later by Shipmate Jim Campbell of VFP-63 Det Lima, the name of this casualty who was Lt Donald John Meyer from the same squadron, who was doing CarQuals on that fateful day, during our ORI - Operational Readiness Inspection for WestPac '63. There's more to read on this in our Post Recommissioning Casualties Roster.

I might add that this was a very sad occasion for all of us on Hancock. Being a "Crew" not one is lost without our feeling it deeply. It was during this time that we lost our Commander-in-Chief also, President John F. Kennedy on 22 November 1963.. 

Jim also added his version of the Frightful experience during Typhoon Gloria in November, 1963. Please read about it here.

Courtland "Corky" Johnson (Deceased) - Jake, Just a note to thank you for your e-mail on "FIGHTIN' HANNA!" I've just managed to scratch the surface so far! You have furnished me enough info to keep me busy as hell in my spare time. I do a lot of writing, so stay busy with first one project, then another. But I'll get around to all these Web Sites you sent sooner or later, and you will surely hear from me again! Also, I know I will visit these sites many times. I will also e-mail them to another shipmate of mine who served with me in HANNA, a GMTC (Retired), who now lives in Oklahoma. After much "nagging" from me, he finally got a computer.

A little background on me: I lied my way to sea at 15 in 1944, and as soon as I turned 17, enlisted in the U.S. Army. They put me in the Army Air Corps, (no Air Force then). In 1948, enlisted in the USMC, and during Korean War fought from Inchon Invasion through Chosin "Chesty Puller's" Regiment, the 1st. Discharged in 1955, joined the Pasadena, CA Police Department, and enlisted in the USAR in a CID unit. When Vietnam heated up in 1966, in May I enlisted in the USN as a YNC. Lost 1-rank as I was a First Sergeant (E-8), in the USAR. in 1973, changed my rate to NC (Naval Career Counselor), while serving in HANCOCK the final two years of her life, I served as Command Career Counselor, NCCS. I had been serving in USS ENTERPRISE prior to HANCOCK. Then was transferred to USS KANSAS CITY (AOR-3), then to NAS Moffett Field when I made Master Chief.

I was NAS Command Master Chief until 1979, I was selected as Force Master Chief for Commander Patrol Wings, U.S. Pacific Fleet, also homeported at NAS Moffett. In 1982, I was one of the top four selectees for the position of Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy. Master Chief Billy Sanders, a friend, was selected. I remained at COMPATWINGSPAC until July 1982, then assigned as Command Master Chief in USS ARKANSAS (CGN-41) Retired from her decks in August 1985.

The Association of Naval Aviation tells me that since the Merchant Marine is now counted as a "service," I am supposedly the only living American to have served in five branches!

And I said this was going to be a note? Some great Web Sites you sent me shipmate. Thanks again. P.S. I belong to the HANCOCK Association.

Your Shipmate,

NCCM(SW) C. R. (Corky) Johnson, USN (Ret)
1701 Dinuba Avenue
Selma, CA 93662

Corky has contributed his Memoirs of Hancock's final WestPac Cruise and exciting events that took place during that cruise, and the end of the Vietnam War. Please visit!

Corky passed over the Bar on May 23, 2003 after a long illness. We are sad to see our Shipmate go, but we know he is in good hands. Corky was an honorable man who never did anything unless it was done right and his best effort. You can read Corky's Taps entry on our Taps Page.

Tom Wimberly - Admin Assistant and Special Hancock Association Liaison Officer - Former XO in Hancock talks about standing Bridge Watches..."I did enjoy standing bridge watches, and when I was XO I was always up there for special sea detail for refueling, rearming, and going in to port. As an ensign, I was the Captain's talker on the JA circuit at general quarters and in CIC for regular duties (USS Kearsarge (CV-33)). As a LT, I was Guided Missiles officer and stood bridge watches underway, eventually becoming Senior Watch Officer."

Capt Wimberly also gave us an interesting and humorous story of when he did a 'fuel stop' aboard Hancock long before he became XO while stationed aboard USS KEARSARGE (CV-33). Read his story: Tailhook Code: "Operation 'Pit Stop' here. Then pay a visit over to his Tailhook Code: "John S. McCain" and learn how he feels about a rumor that John McCain had his own rest stop on Hannah.. here.

Paul E. Barnicle, CDR, USN (Ret) - "I served on the USS HANCOCK from September 1957 through January 1960 as the Flight Deck CPO. Received my LDO commission in January 1960 and had a successful career. Retired CDR in 1978 after 30 years, 21 of them on Carriers. On eight carriers, I was the flight deck (blue shirt, yellow shirt, CPO, Asst to Aircraft Handling Officer, Flight Deck Officer, Catapult Officer, and fleeted up aboard CORAL SEA and AMERICA to Aircraft Handling Officer). And after all this fun, I still consider the HANCOCK as the best of the best. It was a great tour!

Paul E. Barnicle, CDR, USN (Ret)"

Paul, it's always nice to hear from former shipmates, but especially great is it to hear such words of regard for the Hancock, whom most concur with you, that she was the Best of the Best! - Jake

Following are several responses to a Posting the Yeoman left on the A3D Skywarrior Website, where I had mentioned having stood many watches on the Bridge of the USS Hancock watching the "Whales" launch...

Patrick McNally - AQB2 VAH-123 1962-1964 - Subject: A3-Skywarrior
Hi Jake, Were you as seasick as everyone else when we sailed to Hawaii for carquals in December of '62?
I sure was.

Were you watching when Lt. Zebrowski smashed up the nose wheel on his A3?
I was on shore. Sure was neat watching the shower of sparks as the plane slid through the foam.

Followup: There were 30 foot swells off California so we sailed over to Hawaii for quals. I was on the beach detachment. As Lt. Zebrowski approached the stern of the boat dipped so he dove to get to it. Trouble was that the stern then popped up. He smunched the nose wheel and bolted. They didn't notice the damage. He went around and made another attempt. This time the gear collapsed. Again he missed the landing and got back into the air and bingoed to Barber's Point.

Pat -

Lt. Robert Adams - USS HANCOCK '63-65 - Jake, I don't know if you remember me, I was at that time Lt Adams, the Ass't Air Intelligence officer and I, too, spent many a day on the bridge of good ol' Hanna from Jan 63 to Jan 65 when I left for the A3 community. Good to know that one of my shipmates is still around.

Bob Adams

Jake: I do remember CDR Adams as I worked in the Captain's Office, and I often greeted our visitors to the Office at the Dutch Door to the Office. When I saw his Email to me, it was like a breath of Spring air to hear from someone who I had not heard from in almost 45 years. - Jake - 2005

Addendum - 2011

Bob sent me a very interesting story from the perspective of a Navy Pilot. You can read it Here.

Allen Steiner, AO3, USNR-R, '63-65, My name is Allen Steiner and I was onboard the Hancock from the 1963 to 1965. I came onboard and got assigned to the GM Division in about Aug or Sept of 1963 at the end of the WestPac Cruise. I got out on arrival back to San Francisco in July of 1965. I made AO3 in 1963 and I was the only one in the division that did not go to A school. I was a 2 year reservist. I worked mostly in the office of the GM Division and was in charge of a crew that built and stored missiles. I remember a yeoman that worked in Dept office who had a brother on the ship at the same time. I was a little older than most of the guys because I came in after I graduated college. I also got out 1 1/2 months early to go back to college.
Allen Steiner

When you receive replies to postings on other Sites, especially from those you may have had some contact with or influenced in one way or another, it makes having this Website so much better - wouldn't you agree? ~ Jake

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