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She's gentle and kind, an angel of grace...
Always so loving, such a beautiful face...
She's there when you need her,
She's a mother and a sweet lover..
She's strength and courage, she's in the know...
That's why I trust her; which way I should go..
I have no cause or reason to doubt her,
I trust in her thoughts and in her I know,
I'll never be wrong if I trust in her soul.
I've found in her person, an abundance of love,
and trust in the wisdom she shares from above...
And when my souls empty and lost in despair,
I can turn to her heart, and know she'll be there...
She lifts me up and shows me the way..
To find in myself, the words I must say,
Though to herself, she seems without power,
I know in her doubts, there dwells every hour
A strength of purpose, in soul and in mind,
And safe shelter there, I always will find.
This is for you, my friend Charlene,
Never alone, the two of us seem,
Always connected, always together,
Through days of gloom and darkened weather,
I find in your heart the love I will need,
to take your hand, and follow your lead...
Always together the two of us are,
Like sunbeams and shadows, though nearby or far,
We walk the clouds of life, hand in hand,
seeking a better and more perfect land...
And in seeking we know, with trusting we'll find,
Happiness true, and joy most sublime...
To you my friend, I wish to share,
how truly you're missed and how much I care,
So here is my heart, these words I do send,
Always 'Karma Travelers' and the best of friends.

This poem is dedicated to my Best Friend,
Charlene Oakley MacDonald and put to the pen April 1996

- ken jaccard
(c)1996 - All Rights Reserved
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About the term, "Karma Travelers" - Charlene and I have known each other since our Junior Year in High School. That is over 54 years now. We vowed we'd stay friends the rest of our lives. We have kept that vow. Unfortunately my dear friend Charlene Oakley MacDonald passed away June 3, 2015, but did come and "visit" me in spirit about July of that year. She and I had enjoyed a very close spiritual connection ever since we first met. Rest in Peace Dear Friend! Together then, Together Now.

Charlene is a very gifted person and among these gifts is the very strong Spiritual ability to stay connected in a spiritual sense. She feels my thoughts and pains, and I've discovered that I, too, am in-tune with her.

Charlene has demonstrated a strong 'Clairvoyance' ability and you can read about this in my "Trip to California for Healing' story. Go

She is a Friend that has never failed me in my life, and I hope she'll be able to claim the same towards me until we meet again on the other side of the Veil.