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The following peom was written for Spencer Pace, son of Nathaniel Ethan Pace

I love my Dad

All that I am, I owe my dad,
To him, I owe my all…
He made me happy,
He made me glad,
I hope I'll grow as tall.

I can't understand why he's gone,
I hope one day, I may,
I try my best to get along,
I do it day by day

When I walk, he walks beside me,
I know that he's the one,
When I dream, I know, it's him, I see.
And I'm proud, to be his son,

I love my dad, he loves me too,
I know he's in my heart,
I'll live my life without him, true,
But we will never part.

For Spencer
from Uncle Kenny
In memory of his daddy

© July 4, 2001
All Rights Reserve
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