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Emerald Zelda, Flower of the Night

Earth and Wind, Fire and Smoke Close your eyes and feel the choke
The Winds of Truth doth fill the night,
Giving all Eternal Sight...
My name, the flower of the night, Wind doth blow and hinders sight
Dust blows up amid my trail, and makes the ghosts of night bewail
I hear the whisper of the trees, I bend to go upon my knees,
Giving ear to earth I hear
.. The whisper comes to calm my fear
Your skin doth shiver; your hands do quake...
Your heart pounds hard and muscles ache
You listen more to earth to know and hearken still to what's below.
You then look up to darkened sky, and ask the ancient question, 'Why?'
You listen for the given sign Where in your destiny's design
Knowing only your thoughts have been, New Light comes forth from deep within
You look once more to darkened sky, and notice now the answer's 'why!'
For 'Why' is ancient, 'why' is young
.. Why is where new life's begun,
'Why' is kind and 'Why' is True
.. and 'Why' is noble and 'Why' is You.

Melissa Arlene - my Emerald Zelda

Emerald Zelda
Flower of the Night

A strange poem, yes, but given the depth of soul, that my daughter is,
I wrote for and dedicated it to her, my "Emerald Zelda - Flower of the Night"
- She came to me in the darkest hours of my Life and gave me Joy unimagined -

For Melissa - October 6, 1997
Emerald Zelda

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