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(some things are not as they seem)

The Ultimate Opiate of our human existence, the Final Black Hole of Earthly Chaos, the Concluding Frontier of the Reasonable Mind. That is Death, the Great Sleep from which no mortal wakes. No other solitary thought, action, experience or conception can quite grip us with such overpowering and overwhelming contemplation and fear. Death, the pathway to eternity, on which all must pass, is one of life's most sobering considerations. No other condition of life has occupied the minds of men so perplexingly and with as much reasonable and irrational preoccupation as does Death. This preoccupation is as old as time itself and as tall as any pile of human rationale.

Yet to many, who travel over this path, we call life, it is their balm, their blissful release from mental and physical suffering. For others, Life is taken from them, long before their time, due to the evil acts of men and governments who regard the worth of a human soul as so much chattel, useful to suit an immediate need, and then discarded, like so much garbage.

But what is this thing we call death? Is it merely the termination of life? The Dark Angel from the Abyss come-a-calling? The Black Coach which carries us to a brighter or darker sphere? Our passage into extinction or the Doorway into Immortality?

As our birth is but a sleep and a forgetting, our death is our Stirring and reawakening to rediscover the true meaning of our existence. For as we desire to sleep, that we may chance to dream; we die that we may awaken to discover our true reality. Having removed the scales from our eyes, we can then discover what mortal death truly is: An awakening and a returning. We can dislodge it from it's place of Fear; dethrone it from the overpowering contemplation that it is, and expose it for what it truly is: The Doorway to our Real Life, and not a grave; that deep, gaping hole in the earth where we return to the dust, and are forgotten forever.

Mortal Death. It is not the Desolation of Mankind and the Spoiler of all that is Good, unless we allow it be so. It is the Desolation and Spoiler; The Shining One gone amuck, conversely, if we give him that power over our lives. Our Mortal Death is not something to fear, but the evil one, who really is Death, feeds on fear. He has always crept into the affairs of mankind, and caused him to fail. He has filled men's hearts with worry, fear, faithlessness and has claimed many to join his dark and benighted ranks.

Mortal Death is not an end, but will one day end in itself, when the End finally comes to that evil one, who is True Death. The only way to dispel his fearful hold on our minds is to surrender ourselves to the Truth, which is our Light and the Guiding Star of Hope in our lives. It is not death, our mortal end, to die; it is but a threshold to our True Reality, and our Homecoming. This life is only a parenthetical existence which could only last a short time. Our True Existence is far transcendent of this mortal life.

Death, the Entity whose person is the Destroyer and Spoiler, himself engages every minute he has left of existence, to fill us with doubts, fears, worry and concerns, to break us, and to ruin us. Hopelessness is no ones friend; not even his, and he'll do anything to be less hopeless himself, by feeding on our doubts and instability. He finds any weakness we may have or wrinkle in our armor, where he can get in and destroy our own hope and faith. Because man has no idea how he can combat such odds against him, he just avoids the issue completely and seeks not the knowledge he needs to combat the Dark One, and so many find themselves tangled up in his dark and dreary tethers.

Why does death fill us with so much concern and worry? Because he is, himself, without Hope and Light, which is True Joy. These have been taken from him countless eons ago, because he chose to rise above all that was good and Holy. Long before man stepped foot on this earthen abode, he was already lost and in darkness. Yes, death is not something that happens to us; but rather, it is a Dark and Benighted Being who has deluded himself into thinking that he is the Great One! The only power he really has, is that he can stand so resolutely at the end of mankind's mortal sojourn as the Destroyer, and disseminate and perpetuate the lie that he is God, and that without him, death is final.

He thinks that he is the victor. He can become the victor only if we allow him to continue in his great deception: The lie and delusion that he imparts to mortal mankind, that death is to be something feared and avoided at all cost, and the thought that Mortal Death is the end of everything: Robbing mankind of hope, and destroying his spirit, which truly is the Greatest Deception, indeed!

Death: the Desolate One. Eternally Separated from the Light of Truth; forever to wander in the darkness of despair; forever to be without Hope of Escape or spiritual Improvement; forever to be alone in his eternal lamentation. That is true death! It is hopelessness and devastation; the Searing reality of failure, magnified by the empty eternities that surround it! We have no reason to be a part of that reality or that emptiness, for he has been exposed for what he really is: Perdition: Consigned to Eternal separation from all that is Good and Holy!

Now that Death has truly been exposed, we need to look at our own lives, so we won't be victim to his lies and then follow along after him, into the abyss, where he must go. Let the Good in us shine forth, and magnify our Faith in God and our willingness to do that which is Right and Good, for our Mortal life must, in time, come to an end, but we can grasp onto the Light given us, which will take us gently and assuredly Home. It is not death to die. It is but a sleep and an awakening.

(some things are not as they seem - all it takes is Faith and that is a learning process)

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