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My Poetry and Deepest Thoughts in prose and Writing

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I made you number one in my life, do you know? I put you above all else and more, I gave you my heart. No one else possesses such as you possess, and more...

Do you know that all time stops when you are in my presence? Did you hear the thunder that is my heartbeat when you walked into my life? No one else has the power to do that but you do... I've waited a long long time to find you, you know!

I knew you were out there. I saw you in many night visions and dreams. But when you appeared unto me in the flesh, what a joy! And what a wonder you were, just like all those dreams come true, you are to me, you know!

I often maze at how perfectly you fit into the hole that once existed in my being. Like a Key that unlocks some great vault, full of treasure, you are! You also are the Treasure within that vault..

You might sit and try to perceive how all this can be. How one person can do so much for another. Perhaps it is some great wondrous design by a power greater than us all; A Power, who also knows of such Peace and Tranquility that comes from the melding of two hearts? Such wonders must be of Eternal Design - they could not merely be temporal and transient!

But one must beware that one considers the fragility of the heart that is joined mysteriously with another. As more refined is crystal than glass; so more refined is love than friendship and more delicate and fragile. As light shines and shimmers through leaded crystal and reflects the wonders of light in all it's beautiful spectrum, so also does the light of my devotion shine through my eyes and falls on your countenance. As long as you value it, it will live, grow and shine. As long as you consider it's fragility, it will never break or die.

If the virtue of friendship alone was the power that drives us, I'd accept it as still the reality of that dream; but it is more than friendship, it has traveled much deeper into the forest of human emotion. I'm telling you this, my love, that you may know just how deeply you are loved, appreciated and needed. You do now, and always will hold that sacred place in my life, no matter how many years pass by or no matter where we may be; but it is my greatest wish and desire that we can always be together and share all the joys of life. What could be a better desire or dream?

In my heart, you were in those dreams of long ago; in my life, at present, you hold the highest office of power, and it is now, my sincere wish to tell you that it is your place, worthy of the Best, now and forever; for as long as you value the meaning of what I say in these words and lines, it will be yours. No greater gift in all this world could I give you than my life and my heart. Keep it, it is yours, always. Value it, as I do your life; the person you are. Love, it is a Wondrous thing, you know!

by Ken Jaccard
(c) 1986
All Rights Reserved
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