My Sister Cheryl Cowart
with her now late son
Nathaniel Ethan Pace - Age 14

My Sister Cheryl Cowart and her now late son Nathaniel Ethan Pace

of my Soul

My Poetry and Deepest Thoughts in prose and Writing

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The following Poem was written to comfort my beloved sister in the death of her youngest son, Nathaniel Ethan Pace, who was killed in a tragic auto accident on March 12, 2000. His earthly sojourn was 26 Years, 6 Months and 20 Days. I wrote the poem, and attached it to a Ficus Benjamina Tree, with braided trunk, "A Living Tribute"~ thus the Poem's hidden meaning...

A Motherís Love

Binding Three hearts...
Randy, Chris, and Nathanie

No other love can quell the heart
Than a Motherís Love so sweet!
No other relationship can near impart,
Those feelings so complete!

I tried to compare this love so grand,
To a beautiful and growing tree,
Itís braided trunk for you will stand
and Bind your hearts eternally.

A tree is a symbol of Life and Love,
It grows from year to year,
So too, your Love is from above,
And grows to be more dear.

Time improves a growing tree,
And Loveís the same we know,
It cannot fade, but stronger be,
And so a Motherís love will grow.

And so this tree, though twisted be,
A symbol of your lives entwined,
As now it binds them near to thee,
Throughout your life, in heart and mind.

A Motherís Love God gave to you,
No greater love there be,
For a Motherís Love is ever new,
Through time and eternity.

A Motherís Love is Godís design,
It came from heaven above,
No Earthly Love is neíre sublime,
nor dare compare to Motherís Love.

A Mother's Love, like the Pure Love of God,
His Love the Greatest still,
A Mother's Love while here we trod,
Reminds us all, the Peace and Joy that God one day will fill.

This Poem is dedicated to my sister Cheryl Ellen Cowart
and also to her now late son
Nathaniel Ethan Pace - Age 14
August 23,1973 - March 12, 2000

Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of his saints."
- = Psalms 116:15 =-

Jake - 1963
by Ken Jaccard for his devoted sister,
Cheryl Ellen Jaccard Cowart
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