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Old Friends

Dedicated to all those I have known in my life who somehow got into my heart

There is nothing quite as precious, as friendship’s Golden Strand,
For nothing quells the troubled heart as friendship’s outstretched hand.
That Golden strand doth follow us, through life’s rough ways of toil,
We find safe Haven in old Friends, for nothing’s quite as loyal.

And while we gather new friends, they're nothing near as gold;
New friends give us comfort now, tho' we treasure more the old!
For Old friends are like a straight way, amid life's curves and bends,
On Old friends, do we build our Life; on them, our Life depends..

Friendship gives us comfort amid life's hardened ways,
It's Joy will always give us aid, like sunshine's warming rays..
Though often we are left alone, and our hearts shed many tears;
Thoughts of friendship such as ours, gives comfort through the years.

Not only found in sorrow, we find, the value of true Friends…
For we find great satisfaction knowing that friendship never ends.
Like the Eternal Light above, Pure Love shines forever New,
Friendship is like the Pure Love of God, for none can be as True.

Because of you, my life has found, it’s meaning every day,
though often strewn with obstacles, along life’s bitter way,
I know that you’ll be there for me, and there, for you, I’ll be,
For I also know you appreciate the comfort you’ve found in me.

Friendship is never singular, it gives as also it receives..
Never is it a One Way road, though sometimes one perceives,
I'd like to think that nothing comes as near to Joy complete,
As Friendship was and Friendship is, and always remains as sweet.

So let me say, and let me feel, and let me show you how,
I feel in words, and feel in thoughts, as I'm showing you right now,
I loved you then, I love you now, and I'll Love you forever New,
For that's what True Friendship is, Complete because of You!

by Ken Jaccard for his Old Friends
(c) May 27, 2000
All Rights Reserved
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