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The Good Ship Love

A wisp of Salty breeze, a starry night, a Sailor's song,
Fills Love's Sails, and carries it over heavy seas along
On wings of Eagles, fast its speed, by winds within the Sails force,
The many miles the ship does fly, to home along on steady course.

The Captain with his chart and compass, plots the way to go,
Over heavy seas and stormy nights the crew is safe below.
The gales blow, and storms around do beat upon the hull,
Within the Hold, Hope is secured, Love's Promise is ever full.

An Albatross, the Sailors friend, follows fantail along Ship's Wake,
Love's Sailors have no fear; for more than Luck, the Albatross' Journey take:
The seas may roll, and swirling high, tossing the little ship around
The Course of Love will oft' times pass through many seas around.

But ever pressing onward, the ship and crew must go
To make safe harbor in a place where gentle breezes blow,
Its cargo, Hope, which yearns for home, is safe within the Hold,
A loud voice from masthead high, "Land Ho!" the Night watch told.

And finally Love has found Her home on shores of lasting Peace,
The Crew readies the ship to find safe harbor, Love's Anchor to release
"Home at last!" - The Sailor's Song, their Joy is truly great!
And in Love's arms the Cargo - Hope - finds its perfect mate.

And so the Ship, her Crew and Hope, her Cargo is safe at Home,
And Rest is sure, for a season till, once more she again must roam,
But for awhile, Love finds its Harbor in Arms so warm and True,
Till once again, a voyage she'll take, as good ships always do.

And again on Heavy Seas, the Captain plots her way,
As her sails catch the dominant wind, and heads into the Spray;
The Crew awaits another Port, wherein Safe anchorage be,
A True Sailor's Love and cherished Home forever is the Sea.

This Poem is dedicated to all Sailors who go down to the Sea in Ships. Only a Sailor knows where his true 'Home Port' is - his love that waits for him there, and where 'Safe Harbor' lies.

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Revised 26 November 2010

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