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The Legend of the Holly Bush

It was once a splendid bush, of oval leaf,
It's berries large, and succulent to the taste,
Men would travel many miles to find it in the wood,
to bring home to their beloved, for it was potent
to bring to the darkest season, good will and cheer.

Then one day the skies grew dark,
and the sun did not appear for three days,
When again the sun returned, men would
again seek the Holly to give to their ladies fair,

No oval leaves or berries succulent could be found,
but leaves of sharp thorns and berries of bitterness,
The leaves were gnarled and disfigured,
the berries small like many drops of blood...

Henceforth, the Holly is a reminder of the Crown of Thorns,
the Berries, the droplets of Sacred Blood..
Shed for the Sins of a Lost and benighted world.
And so Forever more, the Legend of the Holly Bush
will remind the world, that Good Will,
Hope and cheer has come to Earth.

And so, Let the Holly Bush be to you, a reminder of
The True Hope of the Christmas Season!

by Ken Jaccard
Copyright © 2003 - All Rights Reserved
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