Jake - 1963

of my Soul

My Poetry and Deepest Thoughts in prose and Writing

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Clouds were dark and rain came down,
The day God called him home.
A veil torn and Heaven bound-,
No more these weary roads to roam.

A smile true came on his face,
His eyes now closed in peace.
That peaceful promise all Saints embrace,
And from their sorrows be released.

God placed on him His Hand of Love,
And said, "It's done, my son..
"I have a mansion up above" -
"A crown you've truly won!"

We too, look on the road above
To live with Christ, we sing!
Blessed, encircled in His Love,
To Praise our God and King!

In Blessed Memory of
Donald Leon Jaccard
21 December 1916 - 27 January 1968

By his son,
Kenneth Warren Jaccard
© 15 April 1968
All Rights Reserved
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