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Inner Strife: Coming Full Circle

From somewhere comes our Strength and Might,
When Freedom sheds its Holy Light...
Men who fight for causes true,
They know what being Right can do..

And yes, Justice gives its true reward.
But Doubt gives what it can afford,
Courage gives what few can get..
Peace of mind without regret.

We came to Hate, we came to maim!
No! That is not why here, we came...
The Cause of Freedom's Holy Light!
That is why we came to fight.

And in return, we found true Peace,
The Cause of Right, our Just release,
For what we gave, we paid the price
We paid through heavy sacrifice!

We ask is there's one single man,
Who fought the war in Vietnam,
That loved the gentle people there,
And wish them peace, and end despair?

And then a voice rings out so clear,
"Yes! We loved them, full of fear!!"
The words rang true, of one who said,
"No Tales are told when they are dead!"

"What's this?" I heard another say,
"Man, you can't go on this way!"
"Hate is evil, and hate's the foe...
For the seeds of love we need to sew!

So if any lesson is learned today,
Of the war we fought so far away,
Anger and revenge will us destroy...
And rob us of our peace and Joy!

Remember not the evil done,
The price we paid, the war not won,
Remember them, now lost to us,
And keep their memory alive we must!

Be glad that peace has finally come,
and that the course is finally run..
Be glad that you're alive today,
Forget them not, who have gone away.

Forget them not, though memory fail,
their gift to us we must always hail,
We know through faith, again we'll see
Our loved ones in Eternity..

So, forget Him not, who gave His All,
His gift to us must never fall
We know that God will one day reign,
When on this earth He comes again.

And with Him comes Ten thousand fold,
His Saints in Armor we behold,
With Him our loved ones by His side,
And there forever, we'll reside!

And there with Him, His Armies Strong,
He'll bear our burdens, and battles long,
And when the battles on Earth do cease,
He'll usher in the Age of Peace!

by Ken Jaccard
Copyright November 9, 1996
All Rights Reserved
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These Poems are also a Tribute to our Allies who fought beside us. Never let it be forgotten that they were our Brothers-in-Arms and that they struggled alongside us and that their sacrifices were for the common good of all.