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Gary Nels Nelson - 1944 - 1966
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No More Sad Good-byes

Our son, so much time has now passed away
since you said good-bye: How we remember the tears!
Yet your handsome, smiling face is as clear to us, today
Through the mists of the passing years.

With your birth, you gave us such wonderful joy...
In our youth, what happiness you brought to us two,
When God gave us such a wonderful boy,
Our Pride was complete in you!

How can we describe the emptiness
that we daily and yearly must face?
In inadequate words, that we cannot express,
Nor the sorrow that time cannot erase?

We had you, it seemed, for such a little while,
From childhood, as to a man you slowly grew..
We can still see your face, and your lovely smile,
And the love we had then, we still have for you.

If we could have but one answered prayer:
To see you son, as you are today...
And in you, our son, the Pride we share,
Has never gone away!

Though son, you're gone, and though we had to part,
Know, this, that our love for you will never die;
Your memory is safe within our heart
And we'll never again say Good-bye.

So son, be at rest, find in God, Perfect Peace...
The time will come when we'll see your smiling face...
Then sorrows will end, and our tears then will cease,
When there, in That Perfect Love we'll embrace.

No more tears we'll shed, no more mournful sighs,
And our Happiness will forever increase.
And our Joy will be Full: No more sad good-byes,
in that Place of Perfect Peace...

When the burden of our soul is overwhelming,
and the load, we doubt we can bear...
We can go to our knees, with faith assuring,
To find the Lord Comforting us there.

by Ken Jaccard
November 1, 1996
Copyright 1996 - All Rights Reserved
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This Poem is Dedicated to Philip and Shirley Nelson
In Loving Memory of their Son, Gary Nels Nelson
Who gave his life valiantly in Quang Nam Province,
Republic of Vietnam, June 4, 1966 - Gone but not Forgotten.

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These Poems are also a Tribute to our Allies who fought beside us. Never let it be forgotten that they were our Brothers-in-Arms and that they struggled alongside us and that their sacrifices were for the common good of all.