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To Those Who Answered the Call to Serve
I dedicate these words from my heart...


The War was also a war within

Battle torn, battle worn, with wounded hearts that always mourn...
In tattered bodies, we bore the scorn,
when coming home to welcome, none
and learned the war could not be won

But the loss and shame is not ours to bear,
For it was
our leaders, who sent us there!
Their's is the loss, the defeat, the blame,
Their's is the dishonor, guiit and shame!

We came full circle...

We are Proud Veterans: No one can rob us of our Pride!
We gave so much.. some gave their all when they died...
Let us take this moment in reverence, and remembrance
of the blood, sweat and tears we all shed for a Higher Cause:
For Duty, Honor and Country, and for this,
we Veterans mustered to the call to serve...

There may have been other reasons-, Reasons we knew not,
why we went to battle, to bear this awful blot..
Some say for naught, and others have forgot..
That the country sleeps at peace at night,
for the things that we have fought...

Faith changed us through a solemn remembrance...

God gave his All to save mankind, from an even darker threat..
Why do we fret about the things that we, his sons have lost?
The truth be known and will soon be met,
The things that His wondrous mercy cost.

We are his sons, we labored long, to bring peace to that land,
We gave our lives, the sacrifice, proudly did we make..
Peace comes high as blood did run like rivers in the sand..
And for a higher meaning, and for a Higher Sake.

Some may forget...

We labored true for even more, the things we gave; the cost,
Our labors, forgotten now, may be sadly gathering dust,
like our youth, our coming of age, today, now long since lost..
For time does often rob from us, like old age, like mold and rust.

But we are changed forevermore...

In Hope we know that good things come, amid life's many sorrows,
That good things can be wrought through toil,
That labor brings results of faith, that today bring our tomorrows..
That love can grow like seeds within earth's rich and fertile soil.

Today, we no longer bear the guilt...

We are truly proud veterans, and because of this we here do pause,
God Bless us all, and let us continue in this Brotherhood,
Till time is no more, and then discover our cause was Just and Good!
Our lasting consolation, is our memory of those, our sisters and brothers!
Never again shall one generation of Veterans, forsake another!

What seems to me now that billions of tears have spilt,
The Peace that I now in reflection today find,
Is that Forgiveness Washes Away all the stains of Guilt,
And cleanses us from sorrow and purifies the mind.

Thank you Lord Jesus for bringing us to this Hour!
That Joy and Peace finally has come from up Above
And God has blessed us each with His Power,
To Know His Love, and how Wondrous is His Love!

by Ken Jaccard
(c) November 11, 1996
All Rights Reserved

Final two Stanzas added April 26, 2010
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These Poems are also a Tribute to our Allies who fought beside us. Never let it be forgotten that they were our Brothers-in-Arms and that they struggled alongside us and that their sacrifices were for the common good of all.