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Looking down the corridors of time
one views the many facets of life...
One sees his past mistakes
and then perhaps his glories.

One cannot improve his condition
unless he has good visions...
Past mistakes are often hid
by the minds own desire to heal.

I see in the past both good and bad,
the bad, one often forgets.
He has the wonderful ability to do this,
Thanks in part to his strength and ideals.

I see in the future as do I, the past....
roads of change, some good and, some bad.
We are human...we make mistakes,
but rising above it, our Strengths ennoble us.

One lives the present with an eye to the future,
without both past and present, life is meaningless.
We need improvement, but can't find it
without healing, found in our will to improve.

God has been good to us in giving us His attributes...
We have the ability to forgive, if not forget.
His was such a commandment...Forgive!
And man should always seek to find and give it.

Love is the key to finding Atonement...
it empowers and enables man to rise above himself.
He is able to do so from deep channels of Strength,
A gift from God, his Chief Benefactor.

Visions of life come in quiet times,
When one's soul finds peace in silence,
To find God and life's hidden meaning,
One must approach God in the peace of quietude.

Virtue is the food that fuels the soul,
It is the substance that sends us on life's journey,
A blessing from the Author of life, our Shield,
The Armor, that protects us from all adversity.

Prayer is the soul's sincere desire,
Sent on wings of faith and hope,
The need to meld with the Divine,
Sends our prayers to Heaven's Halls.

Alone man is faced with many challenges
but sharing them, he is able to soar,
If life was meant to share, all in all,
Then life takes on a Transcendent Light.

No one really walks alone in this,
a parched and dreary world,
We share the way with those we love,
And Him, who is the author of the Greatest Love.

Dedicated to all those who still have wars to win

The above poem was not really written with Vietnam in mind
but after careful reconsideration, the virtues imbibed here, may
in a powerful way, help all of those Veterans who suffer with and
deal daily with the war that continues to rage in their souls.. the key
to winning this war is
FORGIVENESS.. first for what one did in the past
and then for those whom we dealt death and destruction.

- Kenneth W. Jaccard -
Copyright (c) - January, 1993
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These Poems are also a Tribute to our Allies who fought beside us. Never let it be forgotten that they were our Brothers-in-Arms and that they struggled alongside us and that their sacrifices were for the common good of all.