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U.S.S. LAFFEY DD-724 - The Proud Ship of WWII that would not die

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The Fight for the USS LAFFEY DD-724

by Cpl Daniel Snuffer, USMC, 1972
1/9/3 - "The Walking Dead"

An Epic Tribute to a very Proud Ship and Crew

Many a brave sailor rest in sleep from the deep, left only to fond memories.
All stories begin in the end they will end, but not so for our heroes so brave.
I'll tell you a tale about a ship's cruise through hell, lives lost and some who are saved!

Laffey set sail her mission to fail, Nippon's sons the feared kamikaze.
The sons of Nippon would go far beyond, no intention to be home again.
As hellcats roll in the battle begin, to turn on the tide of destruction!

Bent on surprise they sought her demise, as Betty's and Zekes filled the sky.
Japan's war could turn if it's sons it would burn, as they target her sides far away.
They dove like from hell as the clang of the bell, sounded from ship to the crew!

As the sons of Nippon dove straight on, bent on their deadly conclusion.
Time after time without reason or rhyme brave Laffey untouched stood so proud.
But covered by smoke, a Kamikaze then broke, into her topside just aft.

Six times kamikaze shook four bombs she then took, holding her own on the sea.
Nippon's sons dove in, and in death they did grin, as fire and smoke trailed away.
The fight still in doubt had luck given out, would Laffey be sailed to the depths?

Then came out a yell, "We'll fight them still!", as Laffey fights on like she's whole.
All stories begin in the end they will end, but would Laffey soon sink in the sea?
Then a shout through the air "Look boys a corsair! Six fifties of death do their work!"

No more hits she received to the dockyard reprieved, Laffey would fight yet again.
All stories begin in the end they will end, but not so for our heroes at sea.
I've told you a tale, about a ship's cruise through hell, as for me I will honor her proudly.

In honor of the ship and crew of U.S.S. LAFFEY DD-724
(The ship that would not die)

Respectfully submitted,

Daniel Snuffer, Cpl, USMC (Ret) 1/9/3 - 1975
Daniel Snuffer
Just a Marine

Submitted 21 July 2007
© 2007 - All Rights Reserved

LAFFEY has been decommissioned but she still lives on having earned her right to Survive!
She is now tied up proudly welcoming visitors at her berth at
Patriots Point Museum,
Charleston, South Carolina - and awaiting your visit.

Proud LAFFEY had one more Battle to fight, for survival as She was sinking at the Dock, due to Hull weakening.
Great News! - She was Saved! Read on...
Please read about this latest (and hopefully last Battle for USS LAFFEY DD-724

For More Information on the U.S.S. LAFFEY'S incredible story, please visit... |

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