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We defended our country with great pride.
We stood tall, even in danger, side by side.
We are the men, in service, who have died.
We gave our lives so that you may survive.

We were the fathers, the brothers and the sons.
We stood united, a brotherhood, joined as one.
Remember those, who in death, before you have gone
Serving this great nation, keeping it free and strong.

We died serving our country, but not all in war.
We gave our lives, would you expect any more?
Remember us who unheralded, have moved on.
Promise to keep the brotherhood united and strong.

by Diane Dye in memory of her brother David Mimnaugh, SN, USN - OI Division, 1974

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Submitted 12 January 2006

Click here for the Post Re-Commissioning Casualty List
Not all deaths of the Crew were caused by War,
but these, our Shipmates, must be rememered also.

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