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A Soldier in Vietnam: A Vietnam Legacy

Author Unknown

Take a man, then put him alone
Put him 12,000 miles from home
Empty his heart of all his blood
Make him live in sweat and mud.

(This is the life I had to live and why my soul the devil I give)

You "Peace Boys" rant from your easy chair
But you don't know what it's like over there
You have a ball without near trying
While over here, your boys are dying.

You burn your draft cards, March til dawn,
Plant your signs on the White House lawn
You all want to ban the bomb
Because there's no real war in Vietnam...

Use your drugs and have your fun
Then refuse to use a gun
There's nothing else for you to do,
And I'm suppose to die for you ?

I'll hate you till the day I die,
You made me hear my buddy cry
I saw his arm , a bloody shread,
I heard them say, "this man is dead".

It's a large price he had to pay
Not to live another day.
He had the guts to fight and die
He paid the price, but what did he buy.

He bought your life by loosing his,
But who cares what a soldier gives?
His mom, his dad, his wife, and son;
But they're the only ones!!

- Author Unknown -

- Submitted by Laura Bigelow Cox -
Decherd, Tennessee
12 October 2005

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