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Dear Visitor, I am happy to present some of our Visitor's deepest feelings in poems and prose.

We are happy to share these Writings with you, our visitor and hope that you enjoy them, and we know that they will cause you to reflect on a Time in your life when things weren't always good or happy. We realize that many lives were lost in the Vietnam Struggle, and the Struggle was felt by all Americans whether they agreed with our Nation's Vietnam Policy or not; not one life was untouched or unchanged as a result of the "Thousand Day War" fought in the steamy jungles of Southeast Asia.

Much Good Poetry, Prose, Music and Stories have come to us out of the Suffering in any war.. Vietnam was no exception.

Visit the Vietnam Veterans Homepage Remembrances Area to get a close-up glimpse of what our combat troops recorded in such emotional times with such profound, superb and deepest expression. We write about war in this fashion, that we may never forget what horrors war can be, but with what great strength of character we, who fight those wars, are able to move on, and heal. Through this method, we hope to heal our beloved America and the world, so that war will, from henceforth, be the last choice to solve our national differences.

When you have a chance also please visit my Vietnam Veterans Tribute Site located here.

One Backward Glance

Words by Major Michael O'Donnell,
KIA, Dak To, RVN, 1 January 1970

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"This Web Site is Dedicated to the Veterans of the Vietnam War, their Backup Support Teams, the FMF Corpsmen and Army Medical Corps who valiantly struggled along side us in combat and the Doctors and Nursing Staffs of all Branches of the Services and hereby commemorates the noble sacrifices they all made in that war. Let us all remember those who gave their lives in defense of Freedom in the Republic of Vietnam, 1945 - 1975. Their Noble Sacrifice was not in vain!"

~ Ken "Jake" Jaccard~
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