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Pond of all the Moons

By Brittney Joiner
in Loving Memory of
Jesse Allen Jones

Once in my dream of all the dreams
the rain touched my hands
pond of all the moons, lake of all the lands
poured my thirst into your desert
water of the dew, craving of all the sands
and the sky of all the breeze
flew my love to your waves
wind of all the seas

Once in my bloom of all the blooms
the whiff gushed my heart
whisper of all the roses, smell of all the springs
brimmed my breath on your lips
iris of all the gardens, robin of all the wings
and the canaries where they belong
sang my tones to your words
bird of all the songs

Once in my winter of all the winters
the snow burnt my skin
cold of all the suns, depth of all the oceans
drowned me in your rivers
flow of all the streams, glow of all emotions
and the pearl of all the shells
ran my jewel to your crown
rope of all the bells

Once on my branches all of branches
the colors lay on my shoulders
hiss of all the autumns, grace of all the leaves
sunned my light and beauty
shine of all the stars, sunrise of all the trees
and the summer of all the skies
beamed my chill to your lap
warmth of all the eyes

Once in my story of all the stories
I wrote you in my soul
passion of all the pleasure
row of all the pens
on to paper of all the pages
and gold of all the treasures

Submitted by Jesse's Mother, Margie Jones August 20, 2007
In Loving Memory of her beloved son, Jesse Allen Jones

Jesse Allen Jones
Born December 24, 1988 - Died under mysterious circumstances in 2005
The 'Powers that Be' did not reveal the truth of these
circumstances nor did they release Jesse's Body until 2006
His loved ones languish for the Truth and also for Closure still.

Jesse Loved his mother, Life, people, animals, his two Brothers, two Sisters
and his dear friend, Brittney Joiner.

There is Justice and Truth in Heaven, God will make recompense!
© 2007 - All Rights Reserved

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