Daniel Snuffer, Cpl, USMC (Ret) 1/9/3 - 1975

of my Soul

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God's Twinking Light

by Cpl Daniel Snuffer, USMC, 1972
1/9/3 - "The Walking Dead"

If my eyes should catch a twinkling light, from the darkness into my soul.
Then I would know true happiness, and every fiber of my being made whole.
For out there beyond the farthest star, my maker is so close to me.
In his gentle wisdom from the dirt, he made this creature known as me.

He doesn't ask for payment, for in his wisdom he truly knows.
As just a simple child of God, love's stronger and a bind that grows.
If my heart should feel a speck of light, chasing darkness out of my soul.
Then I'm bound to my Heavenly Father, and my faith he will behold.

When my hand should reach for his, as I enter into his kingdom of light.
I can truly rest assured; my eyes will never be darkened by another night.
For out there beyond the farthest star, my maker patiently waits for me.
The Father, Son and Holy Ghost, and soon this creature known as me.

By Daniel Snuffer

Submitted by Daniel Snuffer August 11, 2007
© 2007 - All Rights Reserved

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