Gabriel Woodrow sitting by his Hooch in Vietnam in 1967

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A cowboy with wings! Thats what I saw, sure enough. Oh, he was a big old rough looking character, but, the smile on his face belied any possibility of being anything other than genuine. "Lord," I thought, "now I've seen it all." I didn't expect that kind of selfless response, nor that quickly. But, there he was, a half hour after the call, ready to get busy.

God sends some strange angels to do His work sometimes. And why wouldn't He. He's got a sense of humor that don't quit. Sometimes we need to see with a different set of eyes. Ones that see to the soul within. What wonders may unfold.

Bobbie Burns said, "Would one gift the gitftee give us, to see ourselves as others see us." This is acid on our skin. This is the fear that lies deep within.

God and Humor. Herein lies the trick. Its all a gift! Every single minute, every mistake, every pain that cut deep. Each, a tool to be used for Him. Life is experience. Experience, living. Who are we to judge in terms of good or bad, or easy or hard. This is what the angels know: when you work for God, things always turn out beyond your dreams.
just ponderin',

Gabriel O. Woodrow - Just a Marine

Submitted 15 July 2005
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