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And Old Fashioned Mother

by William S. Nichols

Yes, they call her old-fashioned, and 'all out of style' -
Oh, but rouge has not clouded her wonderful smile.

For her hair is her glory no scissors have shorn,
And her dress plainly fashioned in meekness is worn.

With the glory of God, her dear face is a-shine,
Tho she's "all out of date", this old Mother of mine.
(For her sleeves are too long, and her skirts are askew-
If we judge by the fashions "imported" and "new")...

This old Mother of mine keeps her eyes on the Lord -
There is NOTHING can weaken her faith in His Word;

Ev'ry promise she tries is a bulwark of truth,
For she anchors her faith in the God of her youth.

She takes time to be holy, this hurrying age,
has NO time for late fiction, but pores o're the Page.

She renounces "the flesh" - has no creed but the cross,
And in winning her crown she counts all things, but loss.

O', this Old-fashioned Mother has learned how to pray,
for the boy growing wild, or the girl gone astray.

Submitted by Judith Anne Nichols July 31, 2007
Yucca Valley, California
In Blessed Memory of her Father William S. Nichols
April 15, 1903 - September 22, 1949
La Crescenta, California
Copyright © 2007 - All Rights Reserved

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