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Love That Dies

A Poem by Laura Bigelow Cox,
Decherd, Tennessee
When she was Seventeen

I like a fool ran into love, or did it run into me;
And now I live a life, I never wanted to, you see;
I thought that I found happiness, but I guess that I was wrong;
For it lasted only a short while, and now I find it's gone.

Oh sure there's still small flickering flames, that light up now and then;
But the love I cherished is gone now, never to return again;
The hurt comes more, the love comes less, and yet I still pretend;
I loved him once, I love him now, when will it ever end.

It will take courage to leave him, which I hope I find someday;
For he will never love me, I must face it will end this way;
I gave my precious gift to him, he cherished none you see;
And now I must adjust to changes happening to me.

I know that I'll be happy when my pain is truly hid,
And I'll forget this guy in the past and all the things he did;
My new love will be happy, for he'll find love with me,
He'll be the star that guides me, and he'll do it tenderly.

But, for now I face a crisis, should I let him go,
Or should I strive to keep him, because I love him so;
At times with him, I'm happy, none happier could I be;
But love should be quite constant, I loving him and he me.

I'm writing this to you Love, the one I've spoken of,
To let you know just how I feel and inform you of my love;
And if you feel you love me not, please go and find your sun,
leave knowing you owe me nothing, don't look back on what we've done.

But if you feel you love me, don't be afraid to let it show
For if you truly mean it, be proud to tell me so.

- Laura Bigelow Cox -
Decherd, Tennessee
Submitted 12 October 2005
© 2005 - All Rights Reserved

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