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Old Woman
by Madge Lorraine Waid

Overhead the sky was dark---
The wind blew fierce and strong---
Black trees were groping southward---
In time with nature's song-------

Beneath the clutching branches
A frail, small woman lay---
"Oh God bring back my children!
I fear they've lost their way."-------

Her small, pale face was wrinkled---
With years of grief and pain---
Her hair was rough and tousled---
And plastered down with rain,-------

"My Babies! Mama's waiting---
To keep you safe from harm.---
The kitchen's snug and warm."-------

Deep night had swiftly fallen---
Sleet rain had turned to snow---
Swift swirling o'er her figure---
The gray, frail head bent low.-------

T'was there a shepherd found her---
Half froze and fast asleep---
"It's good I stumbled on her---
While looking for my sheep."-------

He wrapped her tight in blankets---
The wool, thick, brown and coarse---
Picked up the trembling mother---
And placed her on his horse-------

The cold wind blowing, howling---
Cut them like a knife---
Cold settling deep within her---
Threatened to take her life.-------

Her hoarse, cracked voice came pleading---
"I want my babies back!"---
She softly cried the cold, long way---
To the shepherd's humble shack-------

Old Mother's hands were shaking---
Her head and shoulders bent---
"I have to rest a while, now---
The strength I had is spent."-------

With arms strong yet tender---
he carried her to bed---
While she slept, he closed his eyes---
Pondered what she said-------

At last he started dinner---
And watched the dying day---
The air was still and colder---
The sky a sadder gray-------

While dishing up the dinner---
He heard her feeble call---
"Dear Shepherd, won't you come, now---
I want to tell it all."-------

He hurried to her bedside---
Her face was pinched and blue---
"Dear woman, you'll feel better---
Once you've had some stew."-------

"Please Shepherd let me tell you---
It doesn't seem quite fair---
Save the stew for later---
I haven't time to spare."-------

"My Babies were so special---
Bright and full of fun---
They loved to play, together---
My daughter and my son-------

They loved their Father, dearly---
He played with them you see---
We had a lovely home, then---
None happier than we.-------

One night as we were waiting---
To hear his well known tread---
Our neighbor came to tell us---
Our "Daddy Dear" was dead-------

"The children grew so quickly---
I trained them best I could---
I showed them how to cope with life---
I taught them to be good--------

So many times, so many times---
I pulled them back away---
I couldn't stand my little ones---
to ever go astray-------

I made it very clear to them---
How dear would be the cost---
If they should take forbidden roads---
And find themselves so lost-------

But as the years rolled onward---
I couldn't bear the load---
I know my son and daughter---
Are lost on the wrong road-------

I've searched and searched for years now---
Each Palace, house ,and shack---
I've got to find my children---
I've got to bring them back-------

I'm tired, Oh so tired---
My legs can barely stand---
I have to ask you Shepherd---
Please will you lend a hand?"-------

The Shepherd knelt beside her---
"Old Mother, your journey's through---
You've fought the battle, bravely---
I'll see what I can do."-------

She leaned back on the pillow---
Her trembling did cease---
And as her breathing gently stopped---
Her face was soft in peace.-------

The Shepherd kissed her, gently---
This Mother, frail and old---
"You taught them well as children---
I'll gather them back to my fold."

Written by my loving mother when I was just a young girl
Submitted by Laura Bigelow Cox -
Decherd, Tennessee
12 October 2005
© 2005 - All Rights Reserved

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