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Of Life

by Melissa Arlene Jaccard

Windblown whispers
Swirl about me
In the Brightness of dawn.

Calling my name
Passing me from
Their Icy embrace

I cry,
Fighting for warmth
From the hollow place
That nurtured me.

But too many hands,
Which one to take,
Confuses me.

I stop,
But a moment,
And already
They are upon me.

Gasping for breath,
Crying in fear,
I live.


Once-blown whispers
Swirl once more about me
In the darkness of night.

Calling my name,
Entrapping me,
Within their icy grasps,

I run,
Fighting for escape
From the haunting voices
That entomb me.

I Stop,
But a moment
And already
They are upon me.

Gasping for breath,
Crying with rage

I die.

An Insightful view of Life, and given the depth of soul, that my daughter is, I was not surprised in what she penned here. For after all, she is a chip off the 'ol block and what was truly wonderful for me, is that I discovered in her the same love of Muse as I have always enjoyed. - She came to me in the darkest hours of my Life and gave me Joy unimagined - She is the Joy of my life!

Thank You Melissa!
I will always Love You!

October 6, 1997

Emerald Zelda
the Flower of my Night

Melissa Arlene - my Emerald Zelda
Read my own poem to her Here

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