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Words of Wisdom

God holds in his heart, a very special place for those warriors who lose their lives in defense of Righteous Ideals; even when those Ideals aren't always clearly defined. Your loved ones and friends have not died in vain. God has a definite Plan for these, our Brothers and Sisters, who have made the supreme sacrifice, and in this Plan, we most surely Hope and depend.

As surely as these have not been forgotten by us, they are NEVER forgotten by the God, who gave them life. We may mourn their loss and for the loss of their presence in our lives, but to overly do so, is to deny the Grace and Purpose of God Almighty, for it was in His Eternal Plan, through His most Perfect Will, that our loved ones and friends have gone on before us.

There is nothing that comes quite as close to our heart as does being able to know how another feels in real-time. One can spend many years in deep speculation because the other person no longer is present. Speculation is fine and good, but it has no foundation in reality. That's why our reality is so important for us right now. Give love
Now and forget how you will feel tomorrow, for the opportunity may fleet away, leaving you bereft of such an opportunity to give love or have it.

Never allow a harsh word to pass your lips for once they are said, they can never be retrieved again. But be honest in all your ways, and with love, bear your integrity of spirit, and the truth with which you have encircled your being will be the easy road you will take to your personal excellence.

Words of Wisdom
Ken Jaccard
16 July 2003

by Ken Jaccard
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