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Hello Shipmates,

Please make sure you check out all that is on this Page - because of the content which we have on this Website, we often use Scrolling Pages - which is, in today's Internet World, 'behind the times' - the Yeoman has always marched to a different Drummer, and you will see this become more apparent as you peruse this Website. And I'm glad you took the time to come here. Your time will be well spent, I guarantee it!

Once the 'Fighting Hannah's mission was "To control and use the seas for the Security of the Free World" but has now changed - today it's 'To Keep the Memory of Ship and Crew alive for all time."

Although she no longer sails the Seas, except in our collective Memory.. it has become
Our Duty to continue the Hancock Tradition - a Tradition of Excellence. We do it now through such websites as this memorial.

I am Jake, Web Yeoman of The USS Hancock Memorial. Having served aboard the Hannah from 1962 - 1964 as a Captain's Yeoman, I believe this qualifies me as your Tour Guide on this cruise back into the past aboard the Ghostly Hannah. If you haven't as yet been Welcomed aboard, then let me welcome you now.

Once a Living, breathing Leviathan on the Seas, she is now Sailing the Azure seas of our Collective Memory and why I've dubbed her, "The Ghostly Hannah" today.

We hope you agree we have lived up to that tradition.

On 15 February 1954, the Hancock's Hull designation changed from CV-19 to CVA-19 when she was re-commissioned. This designation made her an "Attack" Aircraft Carrier. However, the Hancock was always an Attack Aircraft carrier, due to her record in WWII. It was true then, and continued to be true, that she was one of the hardest working Carriers in the Fleet, and continued this legacy for over 32 years.

During the Vietnam conflict, the Hannah was once more Re-designated CV-19, because she was a 'squirt' alongside the larger Super Carriers of the day, and that, because she could not handle the larger birds, such as the Phantoms. She was, however, an Attack Aircraft Carrier to the keel, from Stem to Stern - from beginning to end! Ask any one who served aboard her. There is no doubt in the Hancock Pride, for her Records Still Stand in Naval History.

Also, let it be completely understood, that Hannah kept up her end in most every way. The 'Fighting Hannah' was no slacker, nor was her Crew! That may be said for all the years she served our Nation, and so Kudos go out to our Ship, and to all who served during this Special time in our history. Hancock was an extraordinary ship which called for an extraordinary Crew! So all hail to the Hannah and her Crew! To those of our Crew, please read the "Special Crew Award" which is yours, and which Jake now presents to you...

Since the Quarterdeck was always the Point of Entry on the Hancock for the Crew, any link you find on this Page will lead you to other interestesting areas of the Website. As the ship was strewn with many passageways and compartments, think where you go here as down those passageway and into those compartments.. but remember to return here to the Hub Section (Quarterdeck) to continue your tour.

Thanks! - Jake the Yeoman

The Web Yeoman Stands Ready to Share the Memories

Jake's Special

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Did you know that the 'Fighting Hannah' was also designated an LPH for a short time in 1975, during operations 'Eagle Pull' and 'Frequent Wind'? Read about it. Make sure you use the 'Back' button to return.

You will find interesting Launches on this page, but the best is yet to be discovered. Make sure you bookmark areas on the site for future visits. I assure you that this Website is like Disneyworld, you cannot see all of it in one visit! So take your time within each Compartment, as you will find lots of interesting and Memory-jogging areas on the Cyber-Hannah.

Please make sure you look at all Links on the 'Quarterdeck' because this is the heart of the 'Cyber-Hannah' and we have access here to many great sections provided here, to help you on your 'tour' back in time!

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Congressional Medal of Honor

Tribute to the then, oldest surviving WWII Congressional Medal of Honor
Recipient and Hancock Crew Member - the Late John William Finn

Australia bids Farewell to its last Surviving WWI Veteran!!

William Evan Allen
William Evan Allan

Sailor, uncover and stand at Attention

This Website will Honor this Autstralian Naval Veteran in perpetuity as a Tribute to our Brothers Down Under
This Memorial was created March 13, 2007 - Please wait until the Austrailian National Anthem is played

Read about an American Legend who also served in HANCOCK IN WWII
Ira Harkey, Jr.

Shipmate, Civil Rights Pioneer and Activist, Patriot And True American

So you say you want to Join the Navy and go to Sea?

Something every future Sailor should read before he decides to Enlist in Naval Service

Welcome to the Quarterdeck

Sentiments of the 'Fighting Hannah'

Catch the Spirit, Shipmates - make sure you visit the following areas - you will be moved!!

 A Poem by LCDR Garvey

A Sentimental Tribute to the Hancock

Hancock - A Floating Leviathan

Just a Marine - a Sentimental View of a Visitor on Hancock - Vietnam War

The 'Official Hancock CV/CVA-19 Poem - 1945 by Lt. George 'Hector' Rodgers - Fighting Squadron 6 - Originally submitted by 'Hector' who called himself an "Overpaid Sailor" - and contributed to this Site by Capt Herschel Pahl, USN (Ret), our WWII Representative and Author of 'Point Option' - a wonderful Epic seen through the eyes of a Naval Aviator, during the War in the Pacific. You can visit his Book Site by clicking Here.

CWO JAMES, Ship's Secretary - 1963

CWO James, Ship's Secretary at work... Ladder to the Captain's Office
Just off the Quarter Deck was the Ladder to the Captain's Office
and the...

Website XO's Office

The XO's Personal
Hancock History Site

The Jake's tribute to the XO

Interesting History from
our XO

Our Ship's History Pages

Dennis F. Milliken, XO, and Site Historian
Jake's 'Yankee Station'

Dennis F. Milliken, XO, Jake's 'Yankee Station'

Those of you who would like to learn more about our involvement in the Vietnam conflict and what brought us to this fateful moment in history can go to the XO's Deck where XO Dennis Milliken has assembled some impressive history of this time - especially since the HANCOCK was directly involved in these events that led to the 1000 Day War in Vietnam that began in 1963 and found it's culmination in 1975.

Send the XO Email

While it is true that our ship is now gone, your Web Yeoman, Jake, has tried to keep her alive through this site, our 'Cyber-Hannah!' But before we embark, Please note that your Yeoman is not full of himself, by placing his face all over this site. He is here on an "Extra Work Detail" as your 'Tour Guide' to facilitate your enjoyment on this, your 'tour of duty'. To just log on to a Website, without someone explaining things, is like walking around those old compartments, with his cover pulled down over his eyes, and everyone knows what happens when you do that... Ouch!!! those 'Knee knockers!' GeeHaw!

So shipmates...

The "Ghostly Hannah" is about to embark on one more WestPac Cruise into the Past, with you aboard as ship's company.. please come aboard, stow your seabag...

Muster on the Flight Deck...

Over the 1MC, we hear Piped, "
Over the Side" and the familiar words, "Hancock Arriving!"


"Now set the Special Sea and Anchor Detail...

The Boatswain of the Watch passes the order to "Single up all lines", blows his pipe, and passes the word, "Shift Colors..."

Haze Gray and Underway....

WWII Hancock War Casualty Memorial
Try to visit these
Memorials while here and Think of those
who gave their All. You will not be sorry!

Click here for the Post Re-Commissioning Casualty List
Click here for Post-Re-commissioning
Casualty List

Hancock Vietnam War Casualty Memorial
The above casualty Pages do not reflect the many who lost their lives while working the Ship during the Hancock's Commission. It is fitting and Proper that we do so, that we may Remember them and the Sacrifice they made -

Our Taps Page

Lest We Forget...

Vietnam Veterans

Vietnam Service Ribbon
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Richard A. Kirsch - Middle Years Gallery
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Hancock Commanding Officers

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For those of our WWII Crew, the Yeoman Invites you to tour for awhile in the

WWII Memorial...

Gangway to the WWII Memorial
Gangway to the WWII Memorial
(click picture to begin your tour)
If you had any doubts who Saved our World in WWII


Post WWII through the Vietnam War Period...

The Gangway to the post WWII - Vietnam Era Cyber Hannah

(click picture to begin your tour)

Hancock Oral Histories Site

Nothing brings back the memories better than good old Sea Stories, related by those who lived the Adventure.

You will find our Oral History Site one that will take you instantly back to a time in your life when it felt good to get up in the morning to those familiar Bosun pipes..

to go to chow with 3000 other Happy Sailors. It may not have always been true, but we find now that Life on Hannah meant more to us than we thought.

These are wonderful recollections by those who loved a ship that made an indelible Mark in Naval History.. by a Crew than cannot forget.

Department of Defense - USMC insignia

Visit the Hancock Memorial's
Marine Detachment


Michael T. Postolan's Vietnam Era Gallery
Visit the
Michael T. Postolan, PHC, USN (Ret)
Extended Middle Years

The Fred Kralowetz VAW-11 Detachment Lima Gallery
The Frederick A. Kralowetz, AVCM, USNR (Ret) VAW-11 Detachment Lima Extended Vietnam Era Gallery

By far one of the most extensive Photo Galleries on the Internet of the USS Hancock CVA-19, ranking up there along with the Michael T. Postolan USS Hancock Vietnam Era Gallery, this gallery will have a "Reflective" affect on you that will bring you back time after time.

This is the First Gallery honoring one of our CAG/CVW-21 Squadron Members VAW-11 Detachment Lima!

While I was assembling this Gallery, I had many flashbacks of this time aboard ship, since this time was so very poignant to my early memories. I am quite sure it will have the exact same affect on you as you peruse this Gallery. I can only say a hearty "Bravo Zulu" to our Comrade and Shipmate, Fred Kralowetz for supplying all these photos along with the Memories which will come flooding in. Thanks Fred!
See it for yourself!


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From the Forward written by Admiral Fiske in the book,
The U.S. Navy by E. Muller Jr., Rand McNally & Co., New York 1917

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