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1. [100.00%] The High Cost of WWII
The High Cost of WWII WWII DID HAPPEN - NEVER LET IT BE FORGOTTEN The cost of doing business -- an amazing tale. Most Americans who were not adults during WWII have no understanding of the magnitude of it. - 25.1kb

2. [97.06%] The USS Hancock WWII Aircraft Gallery
Please donate your WWII Aircraft Pictures!!! Your pictures of WWII Aircraft will be welcome and placed here! Please donate pictures to this Gallery - as you can see we are in despirate need of - 13.2kb

3. [76.47%] USS Hancock CV-19 WWII Deployment Record
U.S.S. Hancock CV-19 WWII Deployment History We have Rare Footage of Carrier Action in WWII in Color Below Hancock's World War II Cruises Third Fleet (Admiral W. - 9.3kb

4. [70.88%] USS Hancock CV-19 Extended WWII Gallery
the Earl P. Ayres Extended WWII PhotoGallery. This Gallery honors our Shipmate and WWII Hancock Veteran, Earl P. Ayres who will be acting as the Website WWII Site Administrator. The Hancock Memorial is happy to offer this Gallery of the - 28.3kb

5. [70.59%] U.S.S. Hancock CVA-19 Post WWII
Hancock CVA-19 Post WWII Deployment History Hancock's Deployments From Her Second Commissioning Dates - Depart U.S. - To Arrive U.S. August 1955 - March 1956 Philippines, Okinawa - 9.0kb

6. [58.82%] The Captain's Office - X-Division - Admin Department
USN (Ret) Hancock Memorial WWII Aviation Historian and WWII Admin Assistant Bob was with in AG-6, March 1945 until the conclusion of WWII . He was a radioman-gunner in Bombing Squadron Six flying in an SB2C Helldiver. James R. - 32.5kb

7. [53.82%] Jake's 'Yankee Station' WWII Memorial
Loading the Herschel A. Pahl WWII Memorial... If Page does not load click Anchor - 1.5kb

8. [51.18%] The WWII Memorial Webrings Page
USS Hancock CV/CVA-19 WELCOME TO THE WEB RINGS PAGE You can enjoy a Tour Extravaganza in the Navy of our memories by going up the Brow here on these Webrings - Enjoy - 8.2kb

9. [47.06%] USS Hancock World War II Photo Galleries
Ex-Navy Pilot during WWII, and now our WWII Administrator , we now are in possession of one of the finest photos taken of the Hannah in WWII. This picture was scanned from an 8 x 12 Glossy, which Hersch was given before he - 37.8kb

10. [39.12%] The Herschel A Pahl Story
who lost their lives in WWII. Therefore please make sure you visit the WWII Casualty Memorial before going further on this page. The Memorials listed between the Flag Bar below will load in extraneous Windows. Please close them when you wish - 35.9kb

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