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11. [39.12%] The Herschel A Pahl Story
who lost their lives in WWII. Therefore please make sure you visit the WWII Casualty Memorial before going further on this page. The Memorials listed between the Flag Bar below will load in extraneous Windows. Please close them when you wish - 35.9kb

12. [38.24%] Jake's Credits & Kudos
be given to our Late WWII Admin Assistant and Aviation Specialist, Capt Herschel A. Pahl who had lent his help and suggestions to this Website in improving the WWII History on this Website for the space of five years. Your - 31.0kb

13. [38.24%] Untitled document
Banshee fighter. (3) During WWII, a device used aboard U.S. submarines as a visual aid during approach to an attack. Banyan - (RCN/UK) A barbecue or party on the flight deck, usually with steaks and beer. The term is derived from 'banian', a - 224.5kb

14. [38.24%] Hancock Picture Galleries
Extended 'Fighting Hannah' WWII History Booklet Gallery - Newest Gallery, donated images from Earl's Post-War 'Fighting Hannah' History Booklet - contains some interesting information for those interested in WWII USS HANCOCK and - 38.7kb

15. [29.41%] Catholic Mass, Ship's Lounge
on the Hancock, during WWII, and it was he, who suffered so much over the deaths of our crewmates, during the tragedies onboard our ship, such times as when the Kamikaze hit us or the 500 Lb Bomb exploded on our flight deck..... He - 3.2kb

16. [29.41%] Quarterdeck
F or those of our WWII Crew, the Yeoman Invites you to tour for awhile in the WWII Memorial... (click picture to begin your tour) If you had any doubts - 72.7kb

17. [21.76%] Jake's 'Yankee Station' Awarded Websites
Stars for service in WWII, and the Yeoman believes this Ship and her Association Website deserves the Special Memorial Websote Honor Banner ! Award #4 - Stan's Navy Page - for reference to the USS Oriskany CVA-34 - 107.1kb

18. [20.59%] Flight Quarters, flight quarters...
or Air Force service during WWII. It was designed specifically to stop the Japanese Zero Gilberts Operation, November 1943. A Grumman F6F-3 "Hellcat" fighter makes condensation rings as it awaits the take-off flag aboard - 10.3kb

19. [20.59%] A Brief History of the Hancock
Download the Actual WWII Deck Log in our Archive They can also be found in our Download Section (next Link) Peruse the Website Document Archive The U.S. Navy Aircraft Carrier List - complete to Hull Number 76 - 81.9kb

20. [19.41%] The Earl P. Ayres Gallery Home Page
the Earl P. Ayres Extended WWII PhotoGallery. This Gallery honors Shipmate and WWII Hancock Veteran, Earl P. Ayres, HM3, USN who will be acting as one of our Website's WWII Site Administrators along with Naval Aviator, Herschel A. Pahl, - 6.8kb

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